The ColourPop Festival Collection is So Colorful, It Gives Rainbow Brite A Run For Her Money


Full disclosure: I'm not going to any festivals this season, but I am still heavily invested in creating festival-inspired makeup looks and racking in likes on Instagram with them. All week, I've been rummaging through my collection to gather my Coachella-appropriate brights and most reliable glitters, but now that I see what's in the ColourPop Festival Collection, I've decided to just pick up one of everything and use those products instead. The entire line is vibrant and bold, and you can go full-out with a Rainbow Brite eye or add a touch of neon liner to an otherwise low-key look. The choice is yours, but the collection is live on their site as we speak, so let's take a look at all the dreamy products one by one and start planning some ~lewks~.

First up is a product I didn't realize I even wanted, but now absolutely need, the BFF Mascara in "Little White Lie" ($8, I know white mascara was probably not the first product that came to mind when I said the range was "colorful and bright," but here's the thing: Nothing makes neons pop like contrasting them with pure white. Consider this little tube your secret weapon, as a layer on the lower lashes can really pull a look together with an oh-so-satisfying, unexpected twist.

See what I mean? The white lashes really elevate this sunny eye:

Next up are a few new shades of the Neon Creme Gel Liners ($6, All available in their respective color-coordinated packaging, "Untz" is a neon orange, "Insomniac" a neon pink, "Electric Daisy" a neon green, "CRSSD" a neon yellow, and "Exist," the only pre-existing shade in the colletion, is a true white to match that new mascara. BTW, you can buy them altogether in a $20 set if you really can't choose a favorite.

"Electric Daisy" is the perfect pop of neon to jazz up an otherwise neutral look:

Before we continue with eyes, let's jump to lips for a second, shall we? This collection is all about playing up a bright, bold eye look, and to ensure you're serving festival and not Halloween, they've decided to keep lippie options fairly neutral, with a few gorgeous shades of the So Juicy Plumping Gloss ($7, "Nasa" is a sheer golden gloss with gold glitter, "Let It Happen" is a light peach with golden sheen, and "Feels Like Summer" is a more pigmented peachy nude with golden sheen. Buy your fave solo or splurge on the trio for $21.

Real talk, is there anything more perfect than a glossy, sparkly lip? I think not:

Back to bold with the eyes, honey! The collection features four Pressed Pigments ($5,, in two new shades and two classics. "Keep Scrolling" is a new blue violet, "Share My Location" is a new matte chartreuse, "OOO" is a matte hot red orange, and "Sandbar" is a matte hot pink. These are all available in color-contrasting single shadow compacts, and feature a velvety, pigmented formula that really makes an impact.

Peep a few of them mixed in here with some glitters. Oh wait, what's that? You're curious about those glitters, too?

TBH, I figured you would be. There are eight breathtaking Pressed Glitters ($5, in this collection, all with different glitzy finishes, from duochrome shifts to holographic sparkles. If you're forcing me to choose favorites, "Hungry Ghost," an opal with a copper and gold duochrome shift, and "Palooza," a bright yellow with a copper duochrome shift," are my immediate top two.

Can we have a moment for this swatch video, which I've been watching on repeat for hours?

BTW, if you want to snag all the glitters and pigments, ColourPop is making it so easy:

The Headliner Plaette ($40, includes the eight new glitters and the four pressed pigments in one convenient spot, so you can throw this in your festival bag and go. If you and your friends have already discussed going all out this festival season, I'd honestly suggest splitting the price of the palette and creating some gorg neon looks together during your getting-ready sessions. Worth it!

This collection has absolutely redefined the meaning of "festival essentials," because now I'm listing neon green eyeliner as equally essential to my ticket, a water bottle, et cetera. You can shop the entire collection live on their site now, and I suggest you act fast, because I can't promise your favorite glitter shades won't be sold out soon.