This Tiny Detail In Lexus' 'Black Panther' Commercial Is More Important Than You Realize


The Black Panther movie hasn't even come out yet, but its soundtrack is already killing the game... even just in commercials. If you have seen the latest Lexus ad, which features Chadwick Boseman decked out in his Black Panther super suit and jumping around from car to car, then you already know that the new Marvel movie is seriously bringing it in the music department. You may be wondering what the song from the Lexus Black Panther commercial was, and where you have heard it before. The sleek, hip-hop track is becoming the musical theme for Black Panther.

Over the summer, Marvel revealed that it was partnering with Lexus for Black Panther, with the luxury car brand being featured in the movie as well as the comic book hero popping up in ad spots for the vehicle. The latest Lexus commercial, which started hitting airwaves at the end of January, features T'Challa/Black Panther chasing down and securing a canister of Vibranium (the signature export of his homeland Wakanda) and jetting off to a royal meeting afterwards. The clip is full of badass moments, but what sets the cool and edgy tone is the music: The pulsating jam "Legend Has It" by rap duo Run the Jewels. Check out the commercial for yourself below:

If you are thinking that the Lexus commercial song sounds familiar, then you would be right. "Legend Has It" has already popped up in relation to Black Panther — last summer when Marvel dropped the very first Black Panther teaser trailer during the NBA finals, Run the Jewels fans were elated to hear "Legend Has It" scoring the first shots of the upcoming movie.

"Legend Has It" was the last single released from Run the Jewels' third studio album Run the Jewels 3 at the end of 2016. The rap duo, consisting of El-P and Killer Mike, has found pretty much universal critical success since forming in 2013, with each of their most recent two albums landing at the top of most critics' best-of lists for the years they were released. You can check out the full song and music vide for "Legend Has It" by Run the Jewels below:

And stream the song on Spotify here:

With all of its use in the promotional material for the movie, it seems pretty clear that "Legend Has It" and maybe some more Run the Jewels tracks will be part of the Black Panther soundtrack, but weirdly, that has not been officially revealed yet. The iTunes pre-order link for Black Panther: The Album only reveals two of the fourteen songs that will be in the movie, and neither feature Run the Jewels.

What we do know about the highly anticipated soundtrack is that it has been curated by Kendrick Lamar. Last month, Lamar dropped the first single from the soundtrack, a dreamy duet with SZA called "All the Stars," and he announced that he is putting Black Panther: The Album together. A second Kendrick Lamar track followed up "All the Stars:" a collaboration Jay Rock, Future, and James Blake called "King's Dead." The full album is expected to drop on Friday, Feb. 9, exactly one week before Black Panther's wide release in theaters on Friday, Feb. 16.

I guess we will have to wait a bit more before we actually see all the songs that will be on the Black Panther soundtrack, but even though it's not official yet, I feel pretty safe in assuming that Run the Jewels will be making an appearance. Keep your eyes peeled to see if Kendrick Lamar drops any new songs from the soundtrack ahead of its release on Feb. 9.