12 People Reveal The Last Text They Sent Their Partner

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It's time to face the facts: Your texts with bae actually provide a wealth of insight into your relationship. Do your exchanges mostly consist of hilarious memes or heartfelt affirmations? Do you always wish each other good morning and goodnight? Are your convos peppered with pet names, or inside jokes? All of these elements say something not only about your personalities and the kind of connection you have but also what sort of communication you value as a couple. And whether you know it or not, the last text you sent your partner can be super telling as well.

So, let’s play a little game. What was the last message you sent your SO? Was it a short note showing your support before their big presentation? A racy message oozing with flirtation? Or a lengthy rant about your miserable day at work? Odds are, that one single message will sum up your bond in a surprising way.

I’ll go first. My last text to my boyfriend reads: “Thanks boo. I’m bummin’.” The context around this exchange is that both of us had tuned into a radio station that was supposed to air my song, and after 30 minutes of listening, we realized we might have missed it. So, what does that little four-word text indicate? It’s a moment of pure commiseration — and it’s a pretty solid representation of our dynamic because when I’m disappointed about something, I can count on my boyfriend for some empathy.

When I asked Redditors about the last text they sent to their partners, the responses ranged from LOL hysterical and charmingly mundane to downright sweet. So, without further ado, here are some of the most memorable messages they shared.

The Short & Sweet Memo
Lauren Naefe/Stocksy
'Love you, be safe. ♥️'
He was leaving for work.


The Anniversary Plan
'Also, wanna make dessert together to be romantic? 😗'
We're celebrating six months tomorrow and I've known her for almost five years.


The Wisdom
'Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.'


The Much-Needed Reassurance
Hillary Fox/Stocksy
'It's OK, you aren't bugging me. My meeting doesn't start for another 20 minutes anyway, so I'm chillin' with my phone.'


The Quick Boost
'Have fun at work today! 😘'


The Compliment
'You’re welcome, pretty eyes.'


Studio Firma/Stocksy
'I don't want one either.'
(A baby.)


The Morbid Joke
'Bah, there's a wait list for the cardio doc. Hope I don't die in the meantime.'


'Tonight we might actually have to sleep.'


The Basic Care & Concern
Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy
'Drive safe.'
(They’re heading to a cabin for the weekend and won’t have cell service.)


The Classic
'Good morning :)'


The Fair Warning
'Get out! Cops are coming!'


Of course, your texting habits do change over the course of your relationship. And just as every relationship goes through phases and has its ups and downs, the nature and frequency of your digital communications will likely fluctuate and evolve as well.

Sometimes, your last text will be kind of meaningless taken out of context. Sometimes it will be misleading. And sometimes, it will even be slightly out-of-character. But odds are, if you scope it out at any given moment, you’ll realize that every single thing you say to your SO does actually reveal something about your relationship. So why not make it count, eh?

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