12 Funny Memes To Text Your Partner & Make Them Belly Laugh

Texting your partner throughout the day can be quite the dance. You might get busy at work or stuck in transit, so there may be a natural lull in the conversation. If you still find yourself wanting to shoot off a quick text, a funny meme that you know will actually make them LOL may be just what the doctor ordered. Finding funny memes to text your partner and make them laugh is a talent you can sharpen over time, with some top notch internet sleuthing skills and a good idea of their humor.

"I usually find them on Twitter," says Emma, 24, tells Elite Daily. "Usually, it's like I see someone use a good one as a reply and I'll just send it that way. I don't usually seek them out; it's more like I just save the ones I come across. But I am realizing that I need to start being more active in finding them because I have more negative reaction ones that positive. I love to send them and have people find them funny; it's so satisfying to send the right one."

If you are just getting started with a meme bank, consider texting bae one of the following to make them chuckle.

If They're At The Grocery Store

Honestly, I feel like most grocery lists can be complicated — especially if one partner is doing the writing and the other is doing the shopping.

If They're At Work

I can't imagine the flex.

If They're A Little Messy

As someone with a perpetually messy room, this is so accurate. I feel like I try my best to have a clean room early on in the relationship, but when I finally know this person is here to stay, my room gets super messy.

If Adulting Feels Exhausting

If you're not having a great week and things seem to pile on, this might be exactly what you need to read.

If You Tend To Separate While Shopping

Sometimes, misunderstandings can happen when in public!

If Getting Older Feels Weird

As people get older and settle into adulthood, I feel like many adopt the habits of both a super old person and super young person. Like, yes, there are clothes all over my room, but please use the coaster on my coffee table.

If Arguments Ever Escalate

Hey, conflict resolution is a part of every healthy relationship! If you are the kind of couple that can have a tiff and then joke about it later, you might find this funny.

If One Of You Isn't A Morning Person

One time, I started dating someone and we both realized that neither of us were morning people by oversleeping and missing work.

If They're Super Opinionated

If your partner is opinionated and proud, they'll probably find this funny (especially if they're a Libra).

If Your Partner Has A Quirky Hobby

Send this to bae to make him smile, because this is objectively hilarious.

If You're A Lip Gloss Lover

Lip plumping gloss has its pros and cons. Pro: It makes you look super kissable. Con: It makes kissing... slightly complicated.

If you live to make your partner laugh or you want to switch up your texting style midday, send them one of these 12 memes. Sometimes, all you need is a good belly laugh to get through the week.