7 Flirty Texts To Send If You & Your Partner Are Apart For The Summer

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Spending the summer apart from your partner can be super hard, but there are definitely some ways to ease the struggle of a temporary LDR. If you're stuck in this boat for the summer, technology can really help you feel like you and bae are super close, despite the miles between the two of you. For example, there are tons of creative sweet and flirty messages you can send when you're away from your partner this summer that will remind both of you how special your bond is. Even though you probably text bae quite often throughout the day, being intentional about your communication during your period apart can ease your feelings of missing them at least a little bit, and even make things feel flirty AF.

You definitely don't have to be writing each other sonnets every morning or anything, but giving it a little bit of extra thought and intention can go a long way. Sexting in particular can get really hot because you both can really only express your attraction and desire for each other verbally. This can take some creativity, so check out some following tips for whatever kind of message you're wanting to send bae when they're far away.

Send a cute photo of the two of you and share what you enjoyed about that day.
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Sometimes if your bae is missing you or you're missing them, you might want to add a little bit extra to your conversation. Photos are always a great way to add another level of meaning to your message, so if you are feeling sentimental, you could include a photo of the two of you or a photo of what you're doing and add,

  • "Wish you were here doing this with me."

And, of course, there is the obvious option of sending them sexy pics as well. It can be incredibly fun to send sexts to each other, and later on you can always have FaceTime sex.

Don't be afraid to daydream a little.
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Most of the time, you and your partner will likely be going about your busy lives this summer, but there could be moments when you feel really bummed that you're not together. These moments can spring on you out of nowhere and bum you out. It's good to be aware that this is a possibility so that when you get these pangs of sadness, you're not totally caught off guard. To work through a wave of missing bae, you could send them some of the following messages:

  • "I am going to the park with friends today. What would we do today if we were together?"
  • "Watching a movie on the couch and missing you. If you were here, how would we cuddle right now?"
  • "I was just thinking of the time [insert memory], I am excited to have more days like that with you."
Flirt like you mean it.
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It can be super valuable to be able to express your feelings to your partner if you're bummed about being apart this summer. However, it's also important that you don't dwell solely in the fact that you're not together. Flirting via text is honestly so fun and something that can take both of your minds off of being apart for the season.

  • "Wearing this outfit today, but wish you were here to take it off."
  • "Randomly have alone time right now... Very interested in what you recommend I should do with this time."
  • "If we were together right now, but couldn't say anything, what would you do?"

Even though distance can seem really hard at first, you and bae can get the hang of things over time. Having a balance of emotional, sentimental, and flirty conversations can help things feel like they're manageable and even really fun. Heck, you might make more time to talk with each other now that you're apart than when you were in the same place.

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