Urban Decay Just Released A Neon Makeup Collection & Fans Are Already Obsessed

by Kim Carpluk

Kristen Leanne and Urban Decay go together like spaghetti & vegan meatballs. The unicorn-haired queen has been using the brand's bright hues since her earliest tutorial days in 2014, so a collab was only a matter of time. If you're wondering what's in the Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Collaboration, buckle your seat belts, because the collection's contents may surprise you. Of course there are products to make your unicorn dreams come true, but there are also items for the natural beauty in us all. Kristen Leanne really covered all of the cosmetic bases, and fans are already getting all heart-eyed emoji over the makeup.

Whether you're a Kristen Leanne stan or an Urban Decay junkie, you'll have to admit the partnership is "on brand" for both parties. Of course, the line of products is cruelty-free, which is a must for both KL and UD. In 2015, Kristen Leanne filmed a video discussing her transition to using solely cruelty-free products. Since then, Kristen Leanne left some brands in the dust and embraced all the lines that do not test on animals, including Urban Decay.

UD openly speaks out against animal testing. Not only are they cruelty-free themselves, they state that they are actually "committed to ending animal testing." Very valiant of you, Urban Decay.

In addition to a cruelty-free lifestyle, Kristen Leanne and Urban Decay also share a passion for vividly bright hues. Now numerous brands are jumping on the electric bandwagon, but UD was truly one of the first. Kristen Leanne is the founder of Arctic Fox Hair Color, a line of rainbow-colored semi-permanent dyes that are both cruelty-free and vegan. Accordingly, she's known for her unicorn locks and her matching neon makeup aesthetic. With so much in common, it just makes sense that the beauty blogger and the brand collaborated together. It's something right out of a fairytale.

The first product in the line-up is the UD x Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Dream Eyeshadow Palette.

Urban Decay

UD x Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Dream Eyeshadow Palette, $39, Urban Decay

The packaging is stunning with a neon pink sleeve and a marbled pink and purple exterior. The inside of the palette is totally original, with different sizes and shapes for each eyeshadow pan. In true Kristen Leanne fashion, there are bright hues as well as a straight-up black shadow. The palette contains a unique single pan shadow with two different duo-chrome hues inside that act as transformers for all the other shadows. So rad.

Urban Decay

UD x Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Dream Eyeshadow Palette, $26, Urban Decay

The second palette in the lineup is the UD x Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Dream Eyeshadow Palette. The pink frosting exterior and mint flowery interior give off extreme Alice in Wonderland vibes. These hues perfectly compliment the Kaleidoscope Dream Eyeshadow Palette. They're neutral and anything but boring.

Urban Decay

UD X Kristen Leanne Eyeshadow, $19, Urban Decay

Kristen Leanne also designed a single eyeshadow named S.G.H. The shade is a totally unique, bold matte mustard yellow hue which I'm hoping the brand keeps in its permanent collection. Have you ever tried to find a pigmented, matte yellow shadow before? It's damn near impossible.

Urban Decay

UD x Kristen Leanne Beauty Beam, $34, Urban Decay

Kristen Leanne didn't just stop at eyeshadows, either. The new UD x Kristen Leanne Beauty Beam is just as gorgeous in the packaging as it is on the skin. KL even mentions in her video that her followers have been asking her for what highlighter she's been wearing because it's so poppin', and now she can finally share it with the world.

Urban Decay

UD x Kristen Leanne Vice Lipstick, $17, Urban Decay

If you're more of a lips girl, Kristen Leanne also released three new shades of Vice Lipstick: Cloud9, Spellbound, and Bun Bun. The pink and silver bullet packaging with the little heart inside is just too cute.

Urban Decay

UD x Kristen Leanne Vice Liquid Lipstick Duo, $29, Urban Decay

If you're more into a sensible nude, you might want to opt for the UD x Kristen Leanne Vice Liquid Lipstick Duo. It's the same bulletproof formula you're used to in two soft natural hues that will perfectly balance your neon eyes.

Urban Decay

UD x Kristen Leanne Vice Liquid Lipstick in Pulse, $18, Urban Decay

Last, but certainly not least, Kristen Leanne also released a single Vice Liquid Lipstick in Pulse, a deep grey hue. it's perfect for embracing your cool girl side.

Needless to say, the reaction from fans on social media has been nothing short of obsession.

Urban Decay On Instagram

The full collection launched on Urban Decay's website Jan. 6, so get your credit cards out now. You won't want to miss out on this cruelty-free, neon goodness.