Kylie Jenner's "Know Your Voice" Collection With Adidas Is Inspired By This Bold Lip Kit Shade

As much as Kylie Jenner and her sisters love dressing up, be it a one-of-a-kind designer dress or a Fashion Nova fit, the star pretty regularly returns to a uniform of athleisure. She loves lounging around in crop tops paired with oversized sweats, and will accessorize almost any look, casual or not, with a good pair of kicks. In September 2018, Jenner collaborated with Adidas to launch the Falcon sneaker, but now she's whipped up even more cute styles, and if you're wondering what's in the Kylie Jenner x Adidas Know Your Voice Collection, prepare to be tempted to shop. Pieces start at just $30, and you can best believe I plan on revamping my entire athleisure wardrobe because of it.

If you're like, "Hold up — I thought Kylie partnered with Puma?", you're a little late to the party, as that collaboration ended ages ago. I guess Jenner really took brother-in-law Kanye West's negative feelings about the collab to heart, and when it came time to move on, she teamed up with his athleticwear brand of choice, Adidas. She helped launch the Falcon sneaker during fashion week last fall, and now she's given us an entire collection to shop, so excuse me while I consign all my Kylie X Puma duds and make room in my closet.

Jenner did love West's Yeezy sneakers, so it makes sense that she's gravitate towards Adidas:

And the Falcon sneakers were so cool, and so on-brand for her everyday style:

The new drop is called the Know Your Voice Collection, and it's live right now on the Adidas site, and if you haven't looked yet, here's a spoiler alert: In the words of Halsey, "Everything is blue."

Yup, the entire collab is done in shades of blue and purply charcoal:

I'm instantly drawn to this colorway because I don't have anything like it — and you probably don't either, unless you happen to own the Kylie Cosmetics Shady Matte Lip Kit ($15, normally $29,, which is currently on sale.

In a collection sneak-peak with Vogue, Jenner dished that the lipstick totally inspired the collection's color palette. “Shady [is] this really beautiful blue, it’s out of the box and inspired me to create all of these super cute clothes with Adidas,” Jenner told Vogue. “I think the color turned out so beautifully.”

According to Jenner's Instagram Story, the Shady blue launch is only the first drop, so perhaps there will be more lipstick-inspired colorways to come?

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

As for the collection so far, there are 20 pieces up on the site tagged under Jenner's name, all ranging from $30 to $100, but the 16 Shady-inspired new pieces won't be shoppable until March 16 at 3:00PM EDT. Just a few days away! Until then, I'll be browsing my favorites and planning my picks ahead of time, including the Tape Sweatshirt ($80, and High-Waisted Joggers ($80,, which will absolutely, guaranteed sell out. I'm calling it now.

Aside from the dreamy blue tracksuit, there are a few crop tops, tees, leggings, and sweatpants, and oddly enough, some athleisure skirts, which aren't as common to me. The Pocket Skirt ($60, serves major utility vibes, while the stretchy Tape Skirt ($50, is a little more relaxed, and available in that same purply charcoal hue dubbed "Trace Purple" by the brand.

TBH, I'd be happy to pair either with the Shady-blue Bodysuit ($50,, a long-sleeved piece with Adidas logo blocks on the sleeves.

This collection is so fresh and fun, and I'm definitely counting down the hours until it launches. BTW, Kylie, if you're looking for more Lip Kit-inspired colorways for the next drop, "Exposed" is my favorite shade! Just sayin'.