ASOS Just Dropped A 'Lion King' Collection & I'm Stampeding Like A Wildebeest To Buy It

Courtesy of ASOS

Another day, another big brand dropping a line inspired by one of my favorite childhood films. Every time this happens, I get more and more excited; your girl loves strolling down memory lane, not to mention any and all opportunities to shop. If you haven't yet seen what's in the ASOS Design x The Lion King Collection, get ready, because it's got all the looks you need to serve up some Pride Rock realness. You know how Simba sang that he just couldn't wait to be king? Yeah, well, I just can't wait to shop this collection. Same, same, but different.

Before I rave about the clothes themselves, let's break down all the details. The exclusive collection hit the ASOS site on July 1, and in addition to womenswear and meanswear (both of which will include very unisex pieces), ASOS Curve + ASOS Plus styles will also be included. Score! As for how much you can treat youself, there's no reason to not go big — pieces will be priced anywhere between $13 and $87, so you can choose which end of that range you'd like to shop on. Will you spend all your coin on one major, statement piece? Or spread it out over a handful of smaller pieces? The choice is yours.

Spoiler Alert, though, you're going to want everything:

Courtesy of ASOS

This collection is teeming with colors and patterns:

Courtesy of ASOS

You can snag a cute option for date night with the Simba to your Nala:

Courtesy of ASOS

Or have a BFF photoshoot with your real-life Timon and Pumba:

Courtesy of ASOS

Love! When I first heard about this collab, I was momentarily worried that all the pieces would give safari vibes, but instead, the collection channels the film's vibrant energy and beloved characters with bright colors and animal prints, not to mention on-trend styles and silhouettes, from biker shorts to tie-dye tees.

Speaking of tie-dye, I can't get enough of this Oversized T-Shirt in Tye Dye Timon Print ($40,

Would it be too bold of me to pair it with the Mesh Skirt in Zazu Print ($40, I'm personally feeling it:

You'll definitely see me sporting my Character Print Track Jacket ($72, to the movie theatre when the new The Lion King remake comes out on July 19:

My favorite part of the collection is how different all the pieces are. There are some items patterned with cartoon characters that scream The Lion King, while others look less like fan merch and more like chic, everyday trend pieces.

Don't get me wrong, I love a Disney shout out as much as the next fan:

Courtesy of ASOS

But I'll definitely be getting a little more wear out of the pieces that feature prints inspired by animals, safari, and the jungle:

Courtesy of ASOS

I can think of a million places to wear these fun pieces this summer, but option number one, of course, is to wear them to go see the new movie in theaters.

Me, begging my friends to come see The Lion King with me whilst decked our in our ASOS collab attire:

My friends and I, strutting our stuff in our ASOS gear on our way to the movies:

And finally, me, hitting the club post-film, showing off my ASOS fit:

To shop the collection now, hit up the ASOS site and treat yourself to the lion's share of pieces.