The Ariana Grande x H&M Collab Is Here, So Catch Me Rocking A Hoodie & A High Pony Soon

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Courtesy of H&M
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I saw Ariana Grande in concert less than a week ago, and believe me when I say I've been rocking a Sweetener hoodie and a high ponytail ever since. She was amazing, and as with all concert experiences, I've spent the days following wishing I'd thrown all my money at the merch vendor when I had the chance. However, now that I've seen what's in the Ariana Grande x H&M collaboration, I feel absolutely no FOMO: The singer and the major retailer just collaborated on a special line of merch, and I'm definitely buying every single piece, so all is well with the world. God is a woman who shops at H&M, people!

If it sounds too good to be true, I'm happy to confirm that it's true indeed: The bougie "7 Rings" songstress has teamed up with the affordable retailer, so that even fans on a budget (As well as anyone unable to attend a concert!) can snag Ari merch and wear it with pride. Thank U, next to any other clothes this summer! To clarify, the items are most definitely merch-inspired — these aren't fashion pieces designed by Grande herself, but cute tees and sweatshirts that bear her song names and album art.

We all know Ari loves a hoodie, so of course, the collection has a few:

My personal fave is the Short Printed Hooded Top ($30,, a cream sweatshirt bearing the Sweetener album art:


Excuse me while I go buy over-the-knee boots to pair with this hoodie, so that I can complete my transformation and emerge as my final form, aka a full Ari wannabe.

There's also the "Break Up With Ur GF"-inspired T-Shirt (, which features a candy heart-style motif bearing the iconic song title:

Another personal fave? The pink tie-dye Printed Jersey Bodysuit ($15, with "thank u, next" printed across the chest:

Catch me wearing this all summer:

The entire 10-piece collection is available online now, and if you're worried about going overboard and buying it all (Me!), fear not. Unlike most merch, which often has me shelling out around $60 in the heat of the moment for a T-shirt I would never normally buy, these super cute and wearable pieces range from $15 to $30 apiece. Not bad at all!

You like my merch? Gee thanks; just bought it!

If I'm following Grande's lead in "7 Rings" and living by the motto "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it," then I'm about to buy almost everything in this collab. No complaints here! I'm always glad to support a gorgeous, talented queen, and getting to do so by shopping at one of my go-to stores is too tempting to resist. PSA to all my friends: Please don't invite me to anything that's too formal for me to don my Ari x H&M hoodie, because I will most definitely decline to attend. I'd rather sit at home in my merch. Thanks!

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