What Your Tinder Match's "My Anthem" Song Means About Them

It sounds dramatic, but taste in music can make or break a relationship. Exhibit A: that time in 2013 when I fell for a guy who absolutely nailed a Drake song at karaoke. Exhibit B: that time last week when I fell for a different guy who nailed a different Drake song at karaoke. I have a type, OK? Your Tinder match's "My Anthem" song means a lot more than you might expect.

Ever since Tinder partnered up with Spotify last year, users have had the ability to prominently feature a song on their profile. As you've intrinsically known since you declared allegiance to either *NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys back in kindergarten, your taste in music broadcasts a lot about who you are.

Because Tinder profiles aren't exactly known for providing a ton of information about each prospective bae, you need to use every single drop of intel to determine how you want to swipe. Their name and age doesn't tell you much. Their photos give you a clearer picture of who they are, and their bio — if they even have one — can clue you in even further. In a world where that's all you have to go on, their taste in music actually adds something pretty significant to the mix.

Here's how to decode someone's choice of anthem. And hey, who knows — if all goes well, maybe your first date could be a concert.

A Top 40 Song

Portugal. The Man on YouTube

Top 40 songs are the most common choice for My Anthem songs. If someone opts for the earworm currently playing on every radio station, they're probably a pretty easygoing person who can find a good time at any party. They're like the white t-shirt of people — versatile, unfussy, and popular for a good reason.

Something Blatantly Sexual

ZaynVEVO on YouTube

Honey's not looking to wife anybody up. Expect their messages to get dirrrty. Fast.

Something Ironically Sexual

MarvinGayeVEVO on YouTube

This person is definitely DTF, but they're not the type to spam you with dick pics up front. Instead, they'll win you over with their charm and humor, bring you to a fun dive bar for a game of pool, and then invite you back to their place to watch Master of None for one and a half episodes before they try to touch your boob. FYI: They won't ever commit.

A Kanye Song

KanyeWestVEVO on YouTube

Confidence, swagger, sick taste in sneakers — this person has it all. And they have opinions about everything: music, art, politics, everything. Sure, they might be a little full of themselves, but they might also treat you like the Kim to their Kanye.

A Taylor Swift Song

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

This person is a big ol' softie with a true romantic side. When they fall for you, they'll fall hard. Expect a whirlwind relationship with dates that make you feel like you're in a Nicholas Sparks movie — think kissing at the top of a Ferris wheel, holding hands in an apple orchard, saying "I love you" under the stars.

An Indie Song You've Never Heard Of

antirecords on YouTube

This person will ask you out for craft beers, show up five minutes late, and wrinkle their nose if you dare reference your SoulCycle workout or genuine love of pumpkin spice. They'll either text you intricately-written novel-length messages or barely text you at all.

An EDM Banger

marshmello on YouTube

This person is pretty intense — maybe they discovered their love of tropical house while training for a marathon, or maybe they spend all their income from their finance job on music festivals. An alarming portion of their wardrobe is dedicated to neon tank tops, but at least they'll probably do a lot of shots with you.

A Classic

TheBeatlesVEVO on YouTube

This person is trying to impress you with their old-school taste. They'll invite you to a restaurant with fancy cloth napkins, show up in a shirt that has clearly been ironed, and tell charming stories about traveling with their grandparents. They'll walk you to your car at the end of the night — or better yet, drive you home and kiss you at your front door.

A Chainsmokers Song

ChainsmokersVEVO on YouTube

For the love of God, just run now.

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