Tinder's New Feature Lets You Swipe Left On People With Horrible Music Taste


Thanks to Spotify, you'll be able to see what music you'll be boinking to days ahead of time.

Personal story time!

I one time ended a date early because a girl didn't know who Creedence Clearwater Revival was.

The date was going OK, not great, and got to a point where I said, “I guess I'm not a fortunate son,” and she looked at me completely blank.

I said the line again, which I should point out was a pretty funny joke about my apartment being small, and she told me she had no idea what I was talking about.

After five minutes of explaining what CCR was, an impossible task by all standards, I decided I could never love this woman.

A half hour later, after we finished our drinks, we parted ways. I never called or texted her because the idea of dating someone who never traveled "up around the bend" was maddening to me.

I know I'm not the only one who has done something like this and thanks to a partnership between Spotify and Tinder, stories like this will hopefully never happen again.

The insanely popular dating app is now offering users the ability to link their Spotify accounts to their profiles, similar to the deal Bumble cut with the music distributor a few months ago, so that you can see the music your potential mate listens to.

On top of that, each account has the ability to select an "anthem," which is a singular song that displays on your profile.

I think we all know which song I'M choosing:

If this seems like a terrible idea to you, Tinder is offering the ability to keep your profile the way it is.

So if you like swiping based on who gives you a big ol' boner or lady boner instead of whether or not they think the new Kanye song is a work of audio art, you can still do that.

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