The Present Your SO Will Give You On Valentine's Day, Based On Their Sign

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Having someone special to share all your weirdness with can be hard to come by, and you're feeling extra lucky this year for all you've gotten to experience with your SO so far. Together, you’ve shared endless amounts of breakfast food, been on lots of cute dates, and exchanged gifts for various holidays and birthdays. If you're wondering what your partner will get you for Valentine's Day, start thinking about their zodiac sign. The universe brought you two together, so it clearly won't steer you wrong.

You might have already started eating chocolate kisses and Kit Kat bars, and are secretly hoping your bae doesn't get you another bag of candy. Instead of boxes of truffles and peanut butter cups, you might be crossing your fingers that they get creative and put together a handmade gift. The Internet is full of homemade gift ideas, and there’s something so unique and special about an original song, painting, or video.

At the same time, you might be wondering how you’ll spend the day. Will it include a morning of having breakfast in bed, or cuddling up with your pup and watching a rom-com before exchanging gifts? While you contemplate that, you should just look to the stars for the scoop on the present you might receive from your partner. They know everything when it comes to Valentine’s Day, love, and beyond.


Your Aries is active. They always have their eyes on the prize (aka, you, because you're really such a gem). You so appreciate the immense amount of passion in your partnership. This bracelet will continue to take things up a notch — getting you two excited to hit the trails come summertime and get those steps in together.


Breakfast in bed gets a serious upgrade with mini waffles. On Valentine’s Day, you can expect this waffle maker and the tasty treats to follow, because there's nothing your partner loves more than creating such a beautiful lifestyle for you two. They’re a Taurus, after all. Just don't forget the whipped cream and strawberries, OK?


Lucky for you, love is always in the air when you're dating a Gemini. They're an Air sign, which means they're gentle and can be quick to pick up on all of your little quirks. Sometimes you don't know what to expect from your SO. But this Feb. 14, you can expect to receive a vinyl record. It’s equally sentimental and spunky, and will give you a few songs to add to your favorite playlists.


Your Cancer is a homebody, so you best believe your present will be something cozy you can use on a casual Tuesday. They're the first person you go to when you're in serious need of cuddling, and will likely wrap you up in this robe for Valentine’s Day. Who knows — maybe they’ll include some tickets to a couple’s massage, too.


Your Leo has such a warm heart. They've probably been daydreaming about what to get you for Valentine's Day for months. After much debate, they probably decided on this stylish pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Your soulmate is a summer baby, so you probably spend a lot of time at the beach surrounded by your always-growing crew. This gift will be perfect for the adventures and ocean waves to come.


Leave it to your love to give you something from LUSH. Your Virgo is an Earth sign, and they care incredibly about you and the natural world. This gift will give you endless opportunities to treat yo' self, and also save the planet. Not to mention, it’s super practical and definitely a gift you’ll actually want and use.


You and your Libra have quite the love story. Your partnership might have a solid foundation of fairness or friendship. The Libra in your life loves harmony, so your space might be filled with essential oils and plants that are meant to purify the air. A candle like this limited edition one from Anthropologie will be a solid addition to your space, and bring the harmony even closer to home.


Your soulmate is a Scorpio, which means they're incredibly resourceful. They understand that life comes with a lot of stress, but are constantly finding ways to make a situation better for everyone involved. They’ll show their appreciation for you with a trendy bag from Madewell this Valentine’s Day. Your next date day is about to be so much cuter and easier.


Your Sagittarius is always up to something. Whether they're taking trips around the world or snuggled up on the couch with you, their life is in #adventuremode. The Echo Dot will add to your adventurous relationship by telling you jokes or what the weather is like in a spot you’re vacationing to. It’ll also play romantic background music when you’re cooking a Valentine's Day dinner together.


Your Capricorn is classic. You've probably gotten some vintage-inspired gifts in the past, like a record player or family heirloom. A floral locket will speak to their soul because it's handmade with love, and yours on the day that’s made to celebrate love.


Your Aquarius is one-of-a-kind, and you've never met someone so willing to go on spontaneous adventures. A polaroid camera for Valentine's Day will be a unique way to start capturing all of your good times together. A box of chocolates and flowers just didn't seem like the right fit for your Aquarius, and they'd rather give you something that you can have a little fun with.


Your partner is a Pisces, huh? Water signs tend to have a very go with the flow attitude and they’ll channel that wavy approach with this bracelet pack. It’s simple, sweet, and a piece that you can wear every day. As predicted by the stars, your significant other picked out something perfect for you.

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