What Your Partner Will Get You For Valentine's Day, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

It's the sweet life. There's truly nothing like being head over heels in love. Having someone special to share all your weirdness with is hard to come by, and you're feeling extra lucky this year for all you've gotten to experience with your significant other so far. You might have already made plans for date night — and if not, no worries! We're still a couple weeks out from the day dedicated to the ones we love. But, the season of giving truly is never over, and the holiday comes another gift extravaganza. If you're wondering what your partner will get you for Valentine's Day, you should probably start thinking about their star sign. After all, the universe brought you two together, so it clearly won't steer you wrong.

You've already starting eating endless amounts of Hershey kisses, so you're kind of hoping your bae doesn't get you another bag of candy. Maybe they'll great creative and make a gift from scratch. Pinterest is full of DIY gifts, and there's seemingly a little extra love in something handmade.

At the same time, you're wondering what will be the perfect present to show your significant other that they have your heart. You'll hopefully spend the morning having breakfast in bed, and cuddle up with a romantic comedy while you process the food coma. Leslie Knope knows that unreal gift-giving and waffles are both a requirement for your day of romance. But bagels and such aside, you should just look to the stars if you're oh-so-curious about the present you might receive from your partner.



Fitbit Alta, $130, FitBit

Your Aries is active. They always have their eyes on the prize (aka, you, because you're really such a gem). Sometimes it's hard to keep up with their level of energy, but you so appreciate the immense amount of passion in your partnership. There are so many memories to be made, and you probably have a full list of adventures planned for the New Year. Gym memberships are so overrated, and your bae knows that getting fit is more fun with a buddy and a bracelet like this.

The Fitbit Alta is the ideal option if you're looking for fashion and fitness. Getting active has never seemed so good, and you'll be so excited to hit the trails come summertime and get those steps in.



Oster Belgian Waffle Maker, $20, Amazon

Breakfast in bed gets a serious upgrade with Belgian waffles. You're team Taurus, which means a slow morning might be in the works for Valentine's Day. They tend to be incredible patient people, which is why you feel so lucky to have them as a partner. Whenever you get a little worked up or need a solid shoulder to cry on, you can always rely on your steady relationship.

Your life feels a little like a cheesy chick flick sometimes, because your Taurus loves to treat you right. You can expect this waffle maker and the tasty treats to follow, because there's nothing your lover loves more than creating such a beautiful lifestyle for you two. Don't forget the whipped cream and strawberries!


Urban Outfitters

Vinyl record, $27, Urban Outfitters

Lucky for you, love is always in the air when you're dating a Gemini. They're an Air sign, which means most of the time they're fairly gentle and can be quick to pick up on all of your little quirks. Sometimes you don't know what to expect from your significant other. Whether they'll wake up feeling serious or ready for fun is a risk you're willing to take for something otherwise so wonderful.

That's why you're so unsure about the present you'll get from your partner, though. Something that's equally sentimental and spunky like a vinyl record seems about right. You two have a running list of love songs you listen to and concerts you'd only go to together. Your bae loves music, and you'll never make a memory without a solid soundtrack.


L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean Terry Cloth Robe, $79, L.L. Bean

Your Cancer is a homebody, and so you better believe your present will be something cozy you can use on a casual Tuesday. You love that you can always count on your significant other to stay in with you when you just don't feel like hitting up the social scene. They're the first person you go to when you're in serious need of cuddling.

Maybe they'll wrap this robe up along with some tickets to a couple's massage — oh boy, would a spa day with your special someone be so sweet. But, you're so ready to break it in at home with a calming bath, too. Cancer is a Water sign, so you don't think it'll take too much convincing to get your bae to join in on the bubbles.



Fin Butterscotch Sunglasses, $140, TOMS

Your Leo has such a warm heart. They've probably been daydreaming about what to get you for Valentine's Day for weeks, and are so excited to see your smile when you open up the perfect present. Your soulmate is a summer baby, so you probably spend a lot of time at the beach surrounded by your always-growing crew. Maybe you met through mutual friends, or have been matchmakers for your besties. It's not too much of a surprise, because you're both such social butterflies.

Your partner will probably gift you a pair of TOMS sunglasses. They're such a ray of light, so you'll likely end up wearing them far more than you ever planned. This gift also gives back, which makes it even better.



Love Hearts LUSH Wrapped Gift Basket, $50, LUSH

Leave it to your lover to get you something from LUSH. Your Virgo is an Earth sign, and cares incredibly about you and the natural world. This gift will give you endless opportunities to treat yo' self, but also save the planet a bit. Your partner really is so thoughtful.

You know that whatever they pick out will be a little practical. They'd never get you something you wouldn't use, which is why they spend so much time listening to you and all the little things you mentioned you wanted in the months leading up to your Valentine's Day gift extravaganza. You never really doubt how much they care.



Baltic Amber Cut Glass Jar Candle, $28, Anthropologie

You and your Libra have quite the love story. Sure, like any other couple you have your feuds and fights. But, for the most part your partnership has a solid foundation of fairness. The Libra in your life loves harmony, so your space is probably filled with essential oils and plants that are meant to purify the air.

You love being surrounded by someone who likes serenity, because sometimes your schedule is just way too crazy. A candle like this one from Anthropologie will be a solid addition to your space, and bring the harmony even closer to home.


Michael Kors

Mercer Large Leather Tote, $298, Michael Kors

Your soulmate is a Scorpio, which means they're incredibly resourceful. They understand that life comes with a lot of stress, but are constantly finding ways to make a situation better for everyone involved. You're so grateful that they love such a grand passion.

But most of all, they never seem afraid to really take the leap with you. Trust is important to them, but they've found a lot in you and will show their appreciation with a designer bag from Michael Kors. You love being surrounded by the finer things in life. And you're likely already thinking about how easily you'll fill this tote for a date day around town or your next trip.



Amazon Echo Dot, $50, Amazon

Your Sagittarius is always up to something. Whether they're taking trips around the world, diving head first into daredevil activities, or snuggled up on the couch with you — their life is truly always an adventure. Sometimes you might not see your soulmate as much as your heart would hope. Between busy schedules and social plans, neither of you are incredibly clingy and you like being able to be independent while still having that special someone.

The Echo Dot from Amazon will be the perfect gift from your partner, because its kind of like having another person in the room. When you and your significant other feel a little separated, don't just sleep with that body pillow. Play some soft tunes on this speaker, and ask Alexa to tell you a joke. They're actually quite funny.



Vintage Style Floral Pattern Round Locket, $14, Etsy

Your Capricorn is classic. You've probably gotten some vintage-inspired gifts in the past, like a record player or some kind of family heirloom. They just love the tradition, and so celebrating Valentine's Day the right way is so essential.

A locket will be the most lovely gift you'll ever get. There are a thousand options out there, but something from an Etsy shop will truly speak to their soul because it's handmade with love. No machine could ever land that kind of craftsmanship. Out of the two of you, your Capricorn is the responsible one in the relationship. They probably bought this gift well in advance, and know that you'll absolutely love it.



Fujifilm Instax Instant Film Camera, $60, Amazon

Your Aquarius is one-of-a-kind, and you've honestly never met someone so willing to do their own thing. They're not always amazing at expressing their emotions. You know they care, they just show it in their own way.

A polaroid camera for Valentine's Day will be a unique way to start capturing all of your good times together. A box of chocolates and flowers just didn't seem like the right fit for your Aquarius, and they'd rather give you something that you can have a little fun with. Your friends will be dying to try it out, but you already pinky promised your partner that the first picture would be with them.


Cape Cod Jewelers

Cape Cod Double Ball Bracelet, $85-$200, Cape Cod Jewelers

Your partner is a Pisces, huh? They must be so compassionate and a little artistic, too. Water signs tend to have a very go with the flow attitude. Your significant other enjoys their solitude because they don't have to worry much about the other energies in the room. However, they're also incredibly selfless and will willingly give a lot of their time to the special people in their lives, like you!

A Cape Cod Bracelet will channel that wavy approach your bae has to mostly everything in life. It will be simply elegant, and a piece that you can wear everyday. You'll love how it feels a little high-end, but is equally as sentimental. As predicted by the stars, your significant other picked out something perfect for you.