What You Hate About Summer, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Summer is the season of careless fun, free-spirited exploration, and immersing yourself in pleasure. What's not to love? Well, in the opinion of many, a lot. It's scorching hot outside, the partying is almost obnoxious, the mood is lazy, and you miss winter fashion with all your cold heart. Even if you truly do adore summertime, you're not exempt from getting sick of it eventually. After all, there's only so much "happiness" you can take, and what you hate about summer, according to your zodiac sign, will explain the many reasons why this season isn't perfect.

Because this season is so anticipated, it's all too common to build up your idea of summer to unreasonable heights. With such high-expectations, it's not easy for the season to live up to what you pictured in your mind. After a few crushing disappointments and ruined plans, you begin to realize that this season isn't all smiles and magic. Like any other time of year, a lot can go wrong.

On the other hand, you might reject the hype surrounding summer altogether. Your soul instead craves darkness, cold, mystery, and you're looking forward to autumn and winter before summer has even begun. At the end of the day, the sunniest season of all is not for everyone.

Aries: No One Can Keep Up And Your Patience Is Tested

When it's summer, you go harder than anyone. Whether you're heading to the beach, dancing away the evening at a night club, or partying hard, you're fully committed to the chaos of summer. The problem is, no one's anywhere near as down as you are. Where are all the daredevils at?

Taurus: It's So Hot That You Never Leave The House

You're extremely sensitive to your environment, which makes you the biggest homebody ever. It's great that everyone is out having fun and relishing the summer social scene, but it's way too hot for you to even open the door, let alone go outside. What are they honestly thinking?

Gemini: There's Never Enough Time For All Your Plans

You have an issue with saying "no" to plans. There are just way too many parties, events, and vacations to choose from. So you don't choose. You plan on attending them all, which leads to you running late, sprinting from place to place, stressfully catching your breath, and feeling exhausted.

Cancer: You're Too Sensitive For The Shallow Vibes

Summer is dreamy, spiritual, and beautiful. However, all this vapid concentration on "bikini bodies" and proving your summer is better than everyone else's on Instagram has got you down. You're sensitive and authentic. Why is everyone acting so shallow?

Leo: It's Your Birthday And People Need To Realize That

When it's your birthday, you don't just get a birthday month. You get a birthday summer. Cancers and Virgos should just find some other season to call theirs because for the next three months, your birthday festivities take precedence. The problem? Not everyone can get with the program.

Virgo: Summer Is Chaos And You Just Want To Be Organized

Between all the beach sand in your car, the forgotten projects, the lack of funds, and all the raging hangovers, you're sick of the mess that is summer. You require a modicum of order and organization in order to truly feel at peace. Can everyone just please calm down for a second so you can think?

Libra: You're Sick Of How Tasteless Summer Fashion Is

OK, there's so much more to fashion than shorts, crop tops, sandals, and maxi dresses. Try as they might, summer fashion will simply never be as chic as winter fashion. You've got way too many sleek boots, elegant coats, and layers just begging to be worn. How can you possibly enjoy the heat?

Scorpio: Can't It Just Be Halloween Already?

The positive and vivacious feel of summer will never soothe your dark and mysterious soul. You come alive in October, when daylight saving comes to end, the autumn chill rolls in, and the jack-o-lanterns come out. Is it too soon to start watching Hocus Pocus over and over again?

Sagittarius: Your Boss Won't Give You Enough Time Off

You have a million places and events you want to go to. In an ideal world, you'd have the entire summer to fully satisfy your need for adventure. The problem? In the adult world, you have a little thing called a "job." Jobs are the worst idea ever. Jobs ruin everything that is sacred about summer.

Capricorn: You're Not Being Productive And It's Destroying You

Despite how much you value ambition, you're a lot more lazy than you'd like to admit. This laziness takes over your entire life during summer and you fall behind on all your projects and goals. You know summer is about enjoying yourself, but you can't help but feel guilty for enjoying yourself.

Aquarius: Summer Is Just One Cliché After Another

You find yourself saying "cool story, bro" way more often than usual during summer. It's like the season drags all the "basic" out of everyone. Where is the individuality? Where is the eccentricity? If you see one more dude wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt, you might have a meltdown.

Pisces: You're Daydreaming About A Past Summer

You're definitely finding ways to enjoy your summer. The only problem is, it'll never be anywhere near as good as last summer was. You're known for falling victim to nostalgia, and no matter how good your summer is, you're still comparing it to old memories that you've romanticized.