What Type Of Crystal You Need In Your Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re reading this, you might be one of two types of people: someone who owns a sparkling collection of crystals so vast that everyone’s chakras are immediately aligned the moment they walk through the front door — or, you could be someone who considers themselves a novice to the crystal healing arts, someone who’s here to learn more. Either way, knowing what type of crystal you need based on your zodiac sign, can give you the spiritual awakening you’ve been searching for.

Of course, there is something to be gained from every crystal, regardless of what period of the zodiac you were born in. Obviously, if you think a crystal is beautiful and just looking at it makes you feel alive, then I’m gonna tell you right now: Get as many of those crystals as you can! However, your zodiac sign describes the nuances of your personality in words and images that makes sense. Knowing how to make yourself feel at peace can be easier said than done and sometimes, you might not understand how to utilize your natural-born gifts. By pairing the qualities of a certain crystal with your soul’s unique spectrum of being, you’re making it that much easier to heal and motivate yourself. Embolden your strengths and soothe your weaknesses with the crystal meant just for you.

Read on to find out what that is:

Aries: Bloodstone


SacredChimes Set Of 3 Bloodstone Crystal Rocks $7, Etsy

Bloodstone won't temper your fire, Aries. Instead, it will fan your flames. bloodstone encourages bravery, vitality, and confidence to conquer your wildest dreams. It's a crystal that will help you believe in yourself. When you're feeling impulsive, it also assists you in making the right decisions.

Taurus: Hematite


SerendipityWorld Hematite Crystals $1, Etsy

Silky, black-silver hematite will help you stretch further into the far reaches of the universe while also remaining firmly planted on the ground. This is a crystal that will ground you, Taurus, but it also encourages fantasy in your day to day life. With hematite, you can have the best of both worlds.

Gemini: Agate


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It's not uncommon for you to feel disconnected with yourself, Gemini, like there are opposite forces pulling you in separate directions. Agate will help center your spirit and merge both forces into one. When you're feeling like two different people, agate acts as a mediator between them both.

Cancer: Citrine


RockParadise Natural Raw Citrine Cluster $12, Etsy

Citrine will soothe your pain and balance your moods, Cancer. It's an uplifting crystal that will aid in channeling your darker emotions into something positive. Since you can be very sensitive in the world, citrine will act as a reliable source of peace and calm for you.

Leo: Carnelian


Newagegirl88 Carnelian Rough Stones $7, Etsy

You love having eyes on you, Leo, but you prefer it when you're at your best. Carnelian will act as a purifier for your soul, removing negative energy and fear from your disposition so that you can achieve what you set out to achieve. With carnelian, a Leo will be able to roar even louder.

Virgo: Howlite


OneInfinityShop Howlite - Rough, Raw $2+, Etsy

Your analytical mind that never rests for one moment will be relieved by the calm of howlite. You have the tendency to criticize yourself and let your spirits be brought down by imperfection, Virgo. Howlite will help you rearrange your focus onto more positive things.

Libra: Lepidolite


crystalsNcreations Raw Layered Lepidolite $10, Etsy

Lepidolite banishes emotional extremes, relaxing you to the neutral, balanced state of being that you prefer, Libra. This is a crystal that will prevent you from feeling lop-sided or stressed by life's inconveniences. With lepidolite, a Libra can feel like their purer self.

Scorpio: Malachite


KarmaCrystalsLLC Malachite Tumbled Stone $4, Etsy

This is a powerful crystal, Scorpio, and malachite's overwhelming intensity is exactly the type of crystal you should have. You can take its energy and utilize it in whatever direction you want. It makes "more" of everything and you are never one to avoid an increase in vitality.

Sagittarius: Labradorite


dhorgems Labradorite Slab Slice $3+, Etsy

You enjoy pleasure, Sagittarius, but you also enjoy adventure. Labradorite is a psychic stone that will inform the places you should visit and the risks you should take. Its exciting, invigorating energy will be guiding you as you make your way through the world.

Capricorn: Tourmaline


OneInfinityShop Black Tourmaline $1+, Etsy

Capricorn, you're serious about your goals. You also have soft center you work hard to protect. Tourmaline will keep you safe from negative, toxic energy that drags you down, allowing you freedom to accomplish everything you set out to accomplish without fear.

Aquarius: Bismuth


creepyhollows Bismuth Gemstone $2, Etsy

This unique, jaw-dropping crystal is almost as unique as you are, Aquarius. Bismuth will inspire you to go on journeys of self-discovery, to grow closer to your higher-self. It works ceaselessly to reincarnate your perceptions and understandings, making them stronger and wiser.

Pisces: Fluorite


GypsyDreamerDesigns Rainbow Fluorite Worry Stone, $7, Etsy

Your internal world is deep and vast, Pisces. Sometimes it's easy to get lost in there. Fluorite will help you navigate your emotional waters so that you don't drown in them. It also provides you with clarity when you think the worst is going to happen, showing you that reality is much brighter than it seems.