What Astrology Reveals About How The Super Bowl Quarterbacks Will Play On Sunday

Adam Glanzman/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Honestly, how is it that Super Bowl Sunday still isn't considered an official American national holiday? I know some people who put more energy into it than Christmas! If you're like me and you're not particularly big on football, you're probably still looking forward to munching on junk food while watching everyone else slip into a Super Bowl frenzy and, of course, gearing up for Justin Timberlake's return to the halftime show stage. Regardless, this Sunday is bound to be a nail-biting battle. The Patriots are the reigning Super Bowl champs and this could be their sixth Super Bowl win. If The Eagles win, this'll be their first Super Bowl ring in the history of the NFL franchise. All our eyes are on the two quarterbacks, Tom Brady of the Patriots and Nick Foles of the Eagles, as we make our predictions. Of course, if you're planning on placing bets, you have to so some research on what Tom Brady's zodiac sign can reveal about the Super Bowl, along with other astrological influences.

If you've been following the astronomical happenings as of late, you probably already know that we just had a lunar eclipse in Leo on Jan. 31 and we've got a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius coming up on Feb. 15. This means that the Super Bowl occurs right in between the two events and in the world of astrology, this is a big deal. Lunar eclipses bring on abrupt endings to major trends in our lives, while solar eclipses propel us to embark on new journeys. Could this mean an end to Tom Brady's dominion over the game and an exciting new chapter in Nick Foley's career? Let's take a look at their horoscopes and find out:

Tom Brady: Leo

Tom Brady is a Leo, the ostentatious fire sign that loves taking the center-stage. Reaching superstardom is typically their main motivator in life. With how many wins Brady has under his belt, it's clear he must be a happy Leo. However, the month of February is slated to be a bit of a wild card for the lion of the zodiac, which could have a strong affect on his gameplay. Brady's 7th house of love and relationships will be especially impacted by the solar eclipse, which can mean great things for him and his wife, Gisele Bündchen, or the final showdown of some issues they've been having as a couple. It's clear how fierce their bond is and if things are in the rocks, that definitely won't help Brady focus on football.

The Sun is Leo's ruling planet. This only amplifies the polarizing effects it could have on him. Solar eclipses are capable of shattering everything in our lives and then forcing us to glue it back together, altering the course of our paths for good. With the Super Bowl right around its corner, this could be a seriously climactic (or anticlimactic) moment in his career.

Another important thing to consider is how Leo's health is in an especially precarious position until Pisces season begins on Feb. 18. Brady also happens to be healing from an injury to his right hand, the hand he throws the ball with. He's been nursing it all season. This could definitely mean tragedy for the Patriots at the Super Bowl game.

Nick Foles: Aquarius

On the other hand, the solar eclipse will also be in Aquarius, Foles' zodiac sign. This definitely dramatizes the shape it will take in his life as well. Interestingly, the solar eclipse probably will effect Leos and Aquarians more than any of the other zodiac signs, making this not only a game for football but also a game for the stars. You think the stars picked Foles and Brady for no reason? It's way too coincidental.

Overall, February is looking like a successful time for most Aquarians. However, the eclipse will definitely be rocking n' rolling things. The strength of their relationships will be tested, including marriages, working affiliations, and amongst their families. This could bring Aquarians closer to their people than ever or drive a wedge between them. If drama is burgeoning around the time of the Super Bowl, Foles is about to have a stressful weekend playing the game of his career.

However, once Pisces season begins on Feb. 18, Mercury will enter their 2nd house of money, which could mean a serious increase (or decrease) in his wealth. If he's winning the Super Bowl, this definitely will play out accordingly in that department. With so many financial revelations in the works, I have to wonder if this means he's leaning toward his first championship ring.