5 Shows Currently Streaming On Hulu That You & Your SO Will Actually Both Love

I feel like the struggle over what to watch with your SO is similar to that of trying to decide where to grab dinner — neither of you knows exactly what you want, but everything your partner suggests is missing the mark, right? If you've been going back and forth for hours trying to decide what to binge together in 2018, I got you: I've done some digging and made a list of what to watch on Hulu with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Personally, I have a bad habit of forcing the fellows I date to watch Friends, The Office, and reality dance competitions over and over (and over) again. Which, come to think of it, might explain why I'm still single? But you don't have to make my mistakes, guys! Whether you're into chilling dramas, mysterious science fiction, or raunchy sitcoms, there are so many old and new series out there to stream and/or binge-watch with your significant other. This list covers just five shows that you two are sure to love watching together (yes, really!), all of which are, of course, available on Hulu.

Now all you've got to do is decide where to grab takeout. And sorry, I can't help you there.

1. 'The Handmaid's Tale'

I've seen comments here and there suggesting that The Handmaid's Tale is a "woman's show," but I completely reject that argument. Like feminism, The Handmaid's Tale is for everyone — but don't take my word for it, just look at the three Golden Globes it snagged on Sunday night (including Best TV Drama Series).

The Hulu original series is an adaptation of Margaret Atwood's haunting 1985 novel about a dystopian society, wherein women's rights are revoked when a totalitarian Christian regime overthrows the US government (sound eerily familiar?). It's one of the most culturally and politically relevant — albeit anxiety-inducing — shows on television right now, and absolutely worth binge-ing with your SO. It's also guaranteed to spark some thought-provoking conversations about women's rights, literature, and the intersection of religion and politics, which we all need to be having more regularly.

2. 'Scrubs'

First and foremost, if you haven't watched Scrubs, what have you been doing with your life? It's an honest question. The NBC sitcom ran from 2001 to 2010, and it's chock-full of slapstick comedy, romance (and bromance), and Zach Braff quirkiness. If you and your partner are looking for a totally different kind of medical show (and a whole lot of laughs), this is the one.

3. 'The X-Files'

While The X-Files reboot may have missed the mark for many fans, there are still nine seasons of original, sci-fi gold that you and your SO can stream on Hulu. The series, which premiered in 1993, follows two special agents who investigate extraordinary, mind-bending cases (aka "the X-files"). It's a nice blend of crime show and science fiction, if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are fans of either genre.

4. 'Difficult People'

Are you bitter, rapidly approaching 30, and currently living in a metropolis? Great, same. And Difficult People was made for us.

Heading into its fourth season, the show's about two aspiring comics (played by Billy Eichner and the show's creator, Julie Kleisner) who are struggling to get their careers to take off, while everyone around them seems to be succeeding. It's hilarious and relatable and the perfect show to watch if you and your partner have already jumped aboard the struggle bus this year.

5. 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'

I feel like the best way to describe It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is Friends meets a dumpster fire. The FX sitcom — which has been running for a whopping 13 seasons — follows a group of misfit friends who run a bar in Philly. The humor's raunchy, ridiculous, and sure to have both you and your SO ROFL-ing. It's Always Sunny also doesn't have a plot that requires tons of focus, so it's a great show to watch if you're just hoping to veg out and unwind.

Happy streaming!

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