Here's What Kate Middleton's Zodiac Sign Reveals About How She'll Be As An Aunt

Clive Mason/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What's not to love about the Duchess of Cambridge? She is a total goddess, not to mention a royal icon. She's also an amazing mummy, which is why I'm going to share what Kate Middleton's zodiac sign and birth chart reveal about how she'll be as an aunt. Are you excited? Not more than me. I live for this, and every single time I get a chance, I make it a point to look up celebrity birth charts, because the curiosity literally kills me. TBH, I really wish there were a geeky game show for astrology nerds like myself, who basically memorize every birth chart in Hollywood. #JustSaying

I mean, I can’t be the only person who guesses someone’s moon or rising sign, right? Granted, you’re totally reading this article because you’re curious enough to see what the stars have to say about her aunt skills, so I guess I don’t feel that bad. Although, just wait until you get the habit of checking celebrity Astrothemes... it’s all downhill from there. BTW — and he will laugh if he reads this — but my BF totally checks celebrity charts now, just so I can tell him what it all means. I’m not even kidding. Astrology grows on you. It is what it is!

Anyway, I digress. Let's get back to the Duchess of Cambridge, because that's why we're here. BTW, not sure if you know this, but the royal icon was born with a Taurus midheaven; hence her beauty, riches, and irresistibly charming reputation. For the record, the midheaven sign is a representation of one's life mission, public persona, and destiny in the world. Remember, Taurus is by Venus, so the world can't help but fall in love with the Duchess of Cambridge. I mean, can you honestly think of someone who doesn't love her? My point exactly.

Her Ascendant Proves She Can Be Playful

According to Astrotheme, Middleton was born with her ascendant in Leo, and well, this speaks volumes about the Duchess of Cambridge, considering Leo is the sign of the inner child. TBH, I would guess she makes it a point to actually play with her children (most royals use nannies!); it's Leo's nature. Plus, child-like Leo is ruled by the sun, and Middleton's sun is in her fifth house, which just so happens to belong to Leo, too.

BTW, it also wouldn't surprise me if she's a bit competitive. Imagine, her sun is in ambitious Capricorn, and in the area of creative expression, romance, and children. Truth is, those with natal placements in this area of the chart, are typically the kings and queens of the sandbox. They love to play, and the want to be the best!

What Kind Of Auntie Would She Be?

One thing's for sure: the Duchess of Cambridge will be loving, and playful with her niece or nephew. Although, there's plenty more to this royal goddess than her playful personality. Middleton's natal moon is also in sensitive Cancer, conjunct (sitting right next to) her north node, in the same sign. FYI: The moon is Cancer's planetary ruler, so this energy is most definitely a prominent theme in her chart, as well as in her karmic path, when we consider her North Node.

Themes related to her family emotional foundation, sense of security, sense of nurture, maternal instincts, and intuition, will play a big role throughout her lifetime. Interestingly enough, her husband Prince William was born with his sun conjunct his moon in domestic Cancer, too. In fact, he shares the same sun and ascendant as his late mother and royal icon Princess Diana. So, the best Aunt and Uncle award goes to? You already know. Kate Middleton will make an incredible aunt, and role model.