Prince Harry & Prince William's Astrology Chart Reveals A Lot About Their Powerful Bond

by Valerie Mesa
WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Shall we turn to the cosmos for two of the world's favorite royals? Why not? Truth is, no one knows much about this brotherly bond, and for the record, living in the same palace and attending charity events doesn't count. After looking into Prince Harry and Prince William's zodiac compatibility, it's safe to say the royal brothers most definitely have their differences. However, given that these two British heirs just so happen to share a midheaven sign, can make it seem like quite the opposite. Not to worry, stargazers. I'm about to give you the 411 on the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex, according to the stars.

First thing's first: What's a midheaven sign? In astrology, the midheaven, aka MC, is the cusp of the 10th house, and a symbol of our public achievements. In fact, it's a perfect depiction of one's public persona, or reputation. For example, while the ascendant represents one's first impression, the MC represents one's public impression. See where I'm going with this? Anyway, both Harry and William have their midheaven in Scorpio, which is interesting, considering it's association with death, and the tragic passing of their late mother, and beloved royal icon Princess Diana.

Prince William, Duke Of Cambridge

As per Astrotheme, Prince William's chart is swimming in an ocean of emotions, as it is dominated by the astrological element, water. This element water is fluid, emotional, intuitive, and incredibly receptive. So, what does this tell us about the Duke of Cambridge? Well, for starters, he's probably really moody, as he is extra sensitive to his emotional environment — spiritually and physically.

Prince William was born with his sun conjunct his moon in the domestic sign of Cancer, giving him both a compassionate and nurturing personality. Those with such prominent lunar influences, tend to be alluring and charismatic beings, as the moon is an incredibly magnetic force. The Duke's sun is also trine both his midheaven and Jupiter in Scorpio, which in turn, is a royal aspect indeed. He is "the people's Prince," as Prince William shares the same sun and ascendant sign (Sagittarius) as his late mother and royal icon Princess Diana.

Prince Harry, Duke Of Sussex

According to Astrotheme, Prince Harry prefers to live in the "here and now," as his birth chart is overpowered by the astrological element earth. This tells us that the Duke of Sussex will much rather see to believe, as he tends to be very grounded with his decision making. In fact, those with a lot of earth in their birth chart are naturally very stubborn characters, which doesn't surprise me, considering that uncompromising Taurus moon of his. On the bright side, however, Prince Harry will finish everything he starts. This energy is both solid and dependable.

The Duke of Sussex was born with his sun in analytical Virgo, moon in security-loving Taurus, and ascendant in righteous Capricorn. Prince Harry shares a Scorpio midheaven (public achievements) with his older brother and Duke of Cambridge, with the exception that Harry's midheaven conjuncts his Saturn. This means that hard work and responsibility will ultimately be a part of his destiny and royal legacy.

Are Prince William And Prince Harry Compatible?

In the end, despite their polar opposite personalities, the royal brothers are indeed compatible, as well as supportive to one another. For starters, the combination of Prince William's water energy and Prince Harry's earthy mindset, is already harmonious and encouraging for their relationship. These two have an incredibly strong bond, as well a powerful spiritual union. Prince Harry's Neptune directly opposes Prince William's sun, which creates a sensitive, compassionate, and spiritually supportive union. In fact, this tell us that Prince William leads and influences Prince Harry's character tremendously, as an older brother should. Moreover, this tells us that there is a great deal of empathy between these two.

In addition to that, Prince Harry's Jupiter opposes Prince Willam's moon, which creates an enormous amount of mutual cooperation, optimism, and enjoyment. I wouldn't doubt that these two make each other laugh on a regular basis, perhaps even unintentionally. Something else that stands out is, Prince Harry's Pluto makes an exact trine to Prince William's sun. This is an extremely powerful aspect, creating an enormous amount of depth, and obsession, between the two royals. Truth is, I think the death and grieving of their late mother's passing, created an almost obsessive bond, that sadly stems from fear of loss. Nevertheless, they are a dynamic duo, with a karmic connection, and a legacy to uphold.