What Is The Harvest Moon? Here's Why It's Such A Rare Sight

Over the past few months, we have been blessed with some awesome celestial events gracing the sky, and this evening (Oct. 5), we'll have the opportunity to experience yet another one. But, what could possibly be next? Well, next up is something called a Harvest moon. You may be thinking to yourself, what is the Harvest moon? Well, it will decorate the night sky for those of us who'd like to peep out their windows and take a look at the magical sight. A full moon is the product of when the moon, the sun, and the earth line up, and an eclipse can happen. This leads to the moon taking on a picturesque brown or reddish hue. The name "Harvest moon" translates to this particular full moon being the very first one to follow the autumnal equinox.

The Harvest moon is also being astrologically referred to as the full moon in Aries, which means a handful of other things. Not only will you have some visual pleasure going on, but other parts of your life could receive some good vibes as well. It is said to be a good time to plant new seeds of opportunities for yourself and even recollect on the things you invested yourself in during the last new moon in April. Geese, the moon sure knows how to get us acting all types of ways, huh? It's an interesting concept to explore, especially if you consider the fact that we are all living incredibly different lives on a daily basis. Full moons are emotional in general, and mix that with the impulsive, spontaneous nature of Aries, and you are in for a show. It's definitely not all bad, but with any full moon, be weary of how your emotional pattern is changing with yourself and of course, interacting with others.

According to, Harvest moons do not normally happen in October; it usually makes a striking appearance in late September. Additionally, a Harvest moon is only supposed to happen 18 times between the years 1970 and 2050. So, you can definitely say this occurrence is pretty rare, and missing out on the scene unfolding above would be a sore mistake on your part.

So, we've talked about the technicalities of the Harvest moon, some interpersonal stuff, but what about physical things? Yes, I totally went there. Well, because the full moon is in Aries, it could give you some of the best sex, like, ever. Aries is all about conquering and trailblazing the way. Of course, this doesn't mean that you are going to miraculously wake up in the middle of the night with the person of your dreams ready to get down (sorry, not sorry).

It is all about harnessing energy, and if you needed a time to be bolder in the bedroom, full moon in Aries is the perfect time for that. Don't think that it will be all rainbows and butterflies, though. Like previously mentioned, it's an emotional time for many, and differing views could start a little bit of wear and tear starting out. With the full moon in Aries, though, those voiced views may leave the mouth susceptible to other, more pleasurable opportunities later on, if you catch my drift.

Any show in the sky is amazing to witness because it's like a whole world out there that we only get to see parts of, when we actually decide to tune in and participate. It's all incredibly neat, and it's also dope to hear the science behind these celestial events. We may not have been able to witness all of the Harvest moons to date, but we certainly appreciate the ones we get to lay our eyes on now. Ever since we were little kids, the mysteries and wonders of the sky were taught to us, but as adults, we learn that that's hardly even a fraction of all the beautiful things outer space embodies.