Tati Westbrook Is Dropping Her Second Product On Black Friday & Says It's A "Game-Changer"

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It's only been a few weeks since Tati Beauty's very first product, the Textured Neutrals Palette Vol. 1, started shipping out to fans, and founder Tati Westbrook is already hinting at something new. Keep it coming, Tati! If you saw the beauty-guru-slash-entrepreneur's latest interview with ET Style, you're no doubt curious as to what the new Tati Beauty product will be, and while she didn't share all the deets, she did spill some serious tea. If you were planning on doing a lot of damage this Black Friday, be sure to add Tati Beauty to your list of brands worth shopping.

UPDATE: On Wednesday, Jan. 8, the Tati Beauty Instagram account posted a sneak peek at Tati Beauty's second drop: Blendiful. The post featured Tati Westbrook holding a bag with the name "Blendiful" in metallic gold letters across the front. The front of the bag says it includes one Blendiful and one mini Blendiful. As of this writing, Westbrook has yet to confirm what type of product Blendiful will be, but fans believe the product may be beauty sponges.

EARLIER: Always one to announce news via her own YouTube channel and social media platforms, Westbrook surprised fans by hinting at Tati Beauty's second launch in a video interview posted to the ET Style YouTube account. When discussing the success of her very first palette, which sold out in hours, Westbrook insisted keeping her vision for the brand on the down low and not allowing any outside influence was ultimately the reason launch number one was such a hit "So far on this whole journey of doing YouTube, my intuition has really lead me in the right way," she told ET.

With endless positive reviews rolling in about Textured Neutrals Vol. 1, it's no wonder Westbrook is excited to announce more products coming soon:

"I have the opportunity to grow this into a real brand, and we're going to continue to launch more and more. I have so much in mind," she shared with ET. "Vol. 2 will be in 2020, but, I have my next product rolling out in a matter of weeks." Sounds like Tati Beauty will be launching something other than a palette — and soon!

Westbrook looked elated as she shared the news, including the new product's launch date:

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"Black Friday. It's go time!" she announced, and I immediately wrote down a reminder in my Notes app. According to Westbrook, Tati Beauty's second launch will once again cater to everyone, from beauty newbies to experienced artists. “This one is, like, a game-changer. This one is going to be the thing that is so different, changes it all, and really helps everybody's beauty routine," she shared. For now, that's all the info fans have, but it's highly likely that Westbrook will share product deets sometime in the next two weeks. Petition to rename Black Friday as Tati Beauty Launch Day Round Two? I'm already filing the paperwork.

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