Tati Westbrook Is Launching Tati Beauty With An Eyeshadow Palette & It's Coming Soon

It's a great day in the world of beauty, y'all! If you've seen Tati Westbrook's latest YouTube video, you've likely heard the news that she's launching her own cosmetics company, and are asking yourself the question, "when does Tati Beauty launch?" The answer, fortunately, is very, very soon — like, you'll be able to place your very first Tati Beauty order before the end of this month. How exciting is that?

With 9.7 million subscribers and counting on YouTube, Tati Westbrook, who also goes by @glamlifeguru, has built a small army of devoted fans who trust her unquestioningly in regards to all things beauty. She uploads videos for them three times every week, and when it comes to the products she reviews, her standards are particularly high. That's why, when announcing her very first brand last year, some fans were disappointed to see Westbrook launch Halo Beauty, a vegan vitamin brand specializing in beauty-boosting supplements for skin, hair, and nail health. It was a hole in the industry Westbrook was confident she could fill, and so she chose the supplement route over of a classic makeup line. The brand has done incredibly well over the past year, but now it seems Westbrook is finally ready to enter the world of color cosmetics.

Meet Tati Beauty, Westbrook's official makeup brand, launching this month:

Now this is what I'm talking about! Makeup from Tati has been a long time coming, so of course, her fans are over the moon. Myself included!

The very first launch will be an eyeshadow palette, dubbed the Textured Neutrals Palette, Vol. 1:

The palette boasts "4 Textures, 6 Tones, Endless Possibilities," and honestly? It looks exactly like the kind of palette I'd expect Westbrook to dream up. The colors are neutral but playful, the textures range from matte to full-on glitter, and given what a harsh critic she is when it comes to quality, I'm sure the pigmentation and payoff will be out of this world.

In a new video on her channel, Westbrook showed some behind-the-scenes footage of the first Tati Beauty photoshoot, in which she poses alongside her palette:

Tati Westbrook/YouTube

I immediately paused the video to look at these swatches:

Tati Westbrook/YouTube

So good! I love that the neutral lineup includes everything from cooler-toned blue grays to warm, reddish browns. It might look basic at first glance, but it's a wide array of shades, and therefore an awesome everyday palette to invest in.

If you want to buy Tati's first palette, you'll have to head to the Tati Beauty site on launch day:

Tati Beauty

Right now, the only thing on the site is an email sign-up list, and the actual palette becomes shoppable on October 25 at 10AM PST. I'm setting an alarm in my phone! I definitely don't want to miss out on supporting Westbrook's first color cosmetics launch, and I can already picture a million ways to use this palette for beautiful, everyday looks. If the rest of Tati Beauty is as strong as this first launch, I have a feeling it'll quickly become one of my favorite brands in the biz.