Attention, Tati Westbrook Fans: Tati Beauty Is Coming, & The Brand's First Product Is Gorgeous

Just when I thought the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star collaboration would be the biggest beauty community news of the season, Tati Westbrook announced Tati Beauty, and it looks like there's about to be another new brand on the horizon to obsess over. As a longtime beauty guru and supplement brand owner, Westbrook has often said she'll only debut cosmetics if she creates something truly new and inspired, and based off of her latest announcement, it appears the time has come.

If you aren't a fan of Tati Westbrook, who still goes by her OG YouTube moniker, @glamlifeguru, on Instagram, she currently boasts 9.7 million subscribers to her channel, to which she uploads three times a week. She covers everything from luxury skincare to how to save money on makeup via drugstore coupons, and her honesty and high standards make her a trusted source for honest beauty reviews. About a year ago, Westbrook launched Halo Beauty a gluten, soy, sugar, and cruelty-free vegan vitamin brand specializing in beauty-boosting supplements, and while many were over the moon about her company, others were salty it wasn't a makeup line.

I never thought we'd see the day, but it seems a cosmetics line is finally a reality for Tati:

"Beautiful is your story to tell," reads the first Instagram post on the Tati Beauty Instagram Account. OMG! In a video on her YouTube channel, Westbrook shared a behind-the-scenes look at the very first Tati Beauty photoshoot, in which she's glammed to the gods with the most gorgeous eyeshadows.

Oh, hi, sparkle! Nice to meet ya:

Tati Westbrook/YouTube

The video shows a stunning Westbrook, complete with a glam neutral eye and an array of swatches down the arm:

Tati Westbrook/YouTube

Westbrook is known for her high standards when it comes to pigmented, high-performance eyeshadows, so I have a feeling the quality will be out of this world:

Tati Westbrook/YouTube

And with that, the brand's first product is revealed: the Textured Neutrals Palette, Vol. 1!

"4 Textures, 6 Tones, Endless Possibilities," the brand's Instagram account proudly declares. In the image above, I believe I see mattes, shimmers, metallics, and glitters, but it's only a matter of time until more specifics are revealed. While Westbrook does love a creative, colorful look every now and again, a bombshell glam in neutral shades is undeniably her signature look, so the palette feels like a strong first launch.

Of course, her subscribers are absolutely overjoyed at the news:

In fact, a lot of fans were overcome with emotion:

It rocks to see someone you love and support really succeed and thrive! As a Tati subscriber myself, I already know her brand will be high-quality and special, and I can't wait to throw my coin at her the second it launches. Speaking of — the first Tati Beauty eyeshadow palette will be available on the brand's website on October 25 at 10AM PST. Mark your calendars, people! I can confidently guarantee Tati Beauty's first drop will sell out in a matter of minutes.