SoulCycle Is Taking Your Workout To The Next Level With A New Class & It Looks So Intense

by Georgina Berbari

If you've ever been to a SoulCycle class, you know the heart-pumping, sweat-drenching, super intense cycling experience that the community-centered cardio workout provides. The beats are bumpin', the instructor is legit yelling at you to push your limits to the max, and the feel-good endorphins stay with you for hours after you leave the studio. TBH, it's hard to believe that the cycling sweat sesh could get any more intense than it already is, but SoulCycle's new class, SoulActivate, has truly taken things to the next level, friends.

If you're absolutely obsessed with SoulCycle, and you consider yourself to be an unconditionally devoted member of this fitness community, SoulActivate is definitely going to be your new favorite workout. According to a press release sent to Elite Daily, SoulActivate is a 60-minute sweat sesh designed to push your limits to the absolute max — yes, even more than SoulCycle already does. Honestly, my muscles are low-key twitching in fear just thinking about it.

SoulActivate was created by a select group of master instructors specifically for those riders who already hit up SoulCycle on the reg, and are ready to take their challenging cycling experience to a whole new level.

FYI: If you've never done SoulCycle before, you might want to wait on trying out a SoulActivate class for the time being. Per the press release, it's recommended that only riders who have done 10 or more SoulCycle classes should experiment with SoulActivate (yes, it really is that intense, apparently). But hey, that just means you have a new fitness goal to work toward now, right?

Once you're ready for the experience, the SoulActivate class incorporates a unique combination of high-intensity interval training and total-body strengthening, all while you're pedaling it out on your bike and moving to the beat of some kickass tunes (as always). The master trainers designed the class to keep things moving throughout the entire 60-minute session, with constant variations in the workout to keep you on your toes.

This dynamic workout is even more demanding than your typical SoulCycle class because it purposefully accelerates and decelerates your heart rate to build endurance.


If you think you know what to expect when you walk through the doors of your first SoulActivate class, think again. The workout uses something called a "threshold training method," according to the brand's press release, which is meant to challenge even the most experienced of riders.

The class will put your physical fitness to the test by incorporating various spurts of interval training, cardio-centered heart rate variation, and even a few rounds of active recovery with some light weightlifting to heat things up in your upper body, too.

According to the SoulActivate press release, "SoulCycle has been focused on innovation, and offering the best possible experience for their community" ever since it first launched. The brand is constantly investing itself in the needs and desires of its members, and making sure to evolve and grow with the continuously changing fitness world, without sacrificing the main principles that come with the Soul community.

That being said, SoulActivate classes will have the atmosphere you've grown to love in SoulCycle, with little twists along the way to build your momentum and push your boundaries more than ever before.


Sign-ups for SoulActivate classes officially opened this week in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco — so hop on it, fam! Literally, though... The bikes are waiting for you.

And BTW, if you're looking for something a little more low-key, there's always the more restorative SoulAnnex class. TBH, there's a way to ~find your Soul~ for everyone.