10 Fitness Goals To Set In 2018 That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

by Georgina Berbari

The new year is an amazing time to start fresh and set new goals for yourself, especially for how you treat your body. Unfortunately, too many social media influencers and cultural standards lead us to believe that weight loss and fitness automatically go hand-in-hand, when in reality, that couldn't be further from the truth. Instead of buying into all of the diet culture BS, remind yourself that there are so many fitness goals you can set for yourself in 2018 that have absolutely nothing at all to do with the scale, and will make you feel strong AF, both physically and mentally.

Finding ways to weave mindful, feel-good movement into your life is so much more powerful than relying on a meaningless number on an electronic piece of crap. Repeat after me: The scale literally means nothing when it comes to your internal happiness and overall state of well being.

Take advantage of the clean slate that is 2018 to set realistic, sustainable, and challenging fitness goals, without giving even a single thought to the idea of weight loss or dieting. Focus on goals that make you work on your strength, that make you feel beautiful from the inside out, that will make you feel genuinely accomplished when you achieve them.

If you need a little help brainstorming, here are 10 fitness goals that'll help you fall in love with working out and how it makes you feel.

Do At Least One Pull-Up

If you've ever tried to do a pull-up for the first time out of the blue, you know how challenging and demanding these bad boys are. However, with consistent practice, dedication, and motivation, working toward doing at least one pull-up will become a more and more attainable goal throughout the year.

This move works your back, shoulders, chest, arms, and core, so if you incorporate some assisted attempts into your exercise routine, you'll feel your entire body getting stronger each and every day.

Touch Your Toes

If you include daily stretching into your 2018 fitness routine, you'll be well on your way to getting bendy AF in no time.

Being able to touch your toes isn't as hard as it looks, and with persistence and dedication to a regular stretching routine, you'll feel like you were basically born in a forward fold, fam.

Climb High Enough To Discover New, Breathtaking Views

Whether you're hiking, running, or going for a leisurely stroll, discovering new and awe-inspiring views while you stay active is the most amazing incentive to get outside and move your body.

Try wandering a new trail, hitting up a mountain range, or going for a walk on the beach when the weather gets warmer for some truly gorgeous views.

Master A Proper Push-Up

Push-ups are f*cking hard, but they build strength in your chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and even your glutes. Refining the ability to do a proper push-up is the ultimate way to make yourself feel like a total badass on and off the workout mat.

Incorporate some strengthening moves in your 2018 fitness routine to help you crank out those push-ups like a boss.

Finish Your First Race

If you've been bitten by the running bug, signing up for your first race is the perfect way to put your fitness skills to the test and motivate yourself to work toward a concrete goal every single day.

Plus, all of those endorphins that flood your body when you cross the finish line? Un-freaking-beatable.

Nail A New Pose In Yoga

Getting on your mat and making yoga a part of your fitness routine is a wonderful way to celebrate the things your body can do, and to see yourself grow in different ways each day.

For an extra challenge in 2018, try conquering tricky inversions like headstands, handstands, or crow pose. Balance baby, balance.

Hold A Proper Plank

Planks may look like a simple exercise, but they actually work your entire body every time you drop down and attempt to hold one.

If you're already able to hold a plank for a certain amount of time, work to increase the duration by a few seconds each week. Pretty soon, you'll have a beast-like core, and you might even be able to hold a seriously impressive one-armed variation, like the woman above.

Try A New Workout Class

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying a new fitness class every once in a while will show you exactly what you like in your workouts, and what you don't. Try setting a goal to do one new fitness class a month, or maybe even sign up for something like ClassPass. Grab a friend and have fun with it!

Complete A Fitness Challenge

If you're wondering how much your body is really capable of, fitness challenges are where it's at.

Try a couple of these total-body tests throughout the new year, and you might just realize that you're a hell of a lot stronger than you thought you were, girlfriend.

Improve Your Strength From The Inside Out

There's no reason why your fitness goal for 2018 can't be something as simple as improving your strength, both physically and mentally.

Whether you're making a conscious effort to lift heavier in the weight room, run faster or with more ease, or master a new skill you never thought you'd be capable of, 2018 is your year to become your most powerful self — and girl, you were born with all the tools you need to achieve that.