Derek's Real-Life Job Means He Has A Lot More Going On Outside Of 'Paradise'


Displaying calm maturity doesn't often benefit a contestant on the raucous Bachelor in Paradise, and such was the case for Season 6's Derek Peth. Following a confrontation with John Paul Jones in Sept. 2's episode, Tayshia Adams told Derek she couldn't pursue a relationship with him, and Derek sent himself home. While his departure was definitely sad, it's good to know Derek is headed back to more than just Instagram fame at home. For those wondering what Derek Peth's job is, in addition to co-hosting a Bachelor-related podcast, he works in business development in New York.

After competing on JoJo Fletcher's Bachelorette season, then later having a brief engagement with fellow Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 contestant Taylor Nolan, Derek entered Season 6 of Paradise hoping for another chance at love. After his first romantic interest Demi Burnett chose to pursue her real-life beau Kristian Haggerty, Derek became interested in Tayshia, who had previously been exploring a connection with John Paul Jones. After JPJ accused Derek of wanting to generate content for his podcast and bragging about pursuing his fans romantically, the two men continued to clash over these claims and their feelings toward Tayshia.

In Sept. 2's episode, Tayshia seemingly leaned more toward JPJ, telling Derek that it may not be "the right timing" for them to work as a couple. He then exited the show, telling cameras, "What I worry about now, as time moves on, is that I’m never gonna find that person.”

The good news is that Derek probably has plenty to keep busy with back at home. While many franchise alums leave behind their "real" jobs once they've found Bachelor fame, Derek seemingly jumped right back into his career after departing from Paradise this year. According to LinkedIn, he's currently a Senior Vice President of Business Development at Laurel Road, a lending and banking company based in New York.

According to LinkedIn, Derek has worked at the company for nearly two years, but it does appear he took a brief pause in his professional life after his initial appearance on The Bachelorette. His LinkedIn reports that he worked in banking in South Florida until March 2016, when he would've started filming JoJo's season. The next position his LinkedIn page indicates he began at Laurel Road in October 2017. I don't blame him if he did take time off to enjoy post-Bachelorette delights, because as Derek apparently pointed out to JPJ, contestants' opportunities can be pretty cool. For Derek to partake in Bachelor-related opportunities and still return to a traditional job is definitely commendable.

While Derek implied in a recent Instagram comment that he hasn't forgiven John Paul Jones for his Paradise behavior, perhaps his career could play a part in the men realizing they share an important similarity. As many of JPJ's Instagram photos and stories seemingly take place in an office, it looks like the 24-year-old still works as a financial analyst. A Paradise alum who sticks to an old job is a rare sight these days, so Derek and John Paul Jones may have more in common than they realize. If a reconciliation isn't possible, here's to both of them for apparently sticking to at least some aspects of normal life.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Sept. 3, on ABC.