Twitter Is Showing So Much Love For Derek After His Demi Drama On 'Paradise'


It'd be naive to think any couple on Bachelor in Paradise is ever totally safe from rocky waters, since there are always other options out there. That’s been the case for Demi and Derek, since Demi’s been juggling feelings for him and another person. Demi was open and honest about how conflicted she felt, but that didn't make the situation any easier for Derek. In fact, her multiple talks with him during Week 3 Part 2 came with a whole lot of tears. These tweets about Derek crying on Bachelor in Paradise show just how much love Bachelor Nation has for him.

Derek and Demi hit it off right away on Season 6 of Paradise, but that couldn't change the fact that Demi was already in the middle of another relationship that started before the show. Throughout all her time building a relationship with Derek this season, Demi has been conflicted because she still had feelings for the woman she'd been seeing before Paradise, Kristian Haggerty. When Demi opened up more about Kristian with Derek early on in the Aug. 20 episode, he responded with understanding and openness, pointing out that it didn't matter to him whether Demi had feelings for another man or a woman.

Even though Demi didn't want to hurt Derek, it didn't stop his tears from flowing. Emotional over the fact that Demi's feelings were split, Derek said he was "feeling every feeling." He also said, "It definitely makes me question, 'Am I always out of my league?'" which tugged at a lot of fans' heartstrings.

Derek said he felt like Demi was pulling back and he just wanted their connection to return. However, his hope faded as soon as Kristian herself walked onto the beach.

As soon as Kristian arrived in Paradise, Demi realized she only wanted to be with her. That meant she needed to talk to Derek again, and it was time for a conversation that he did not want to have.

"I think you're the best dude on this beach," Demi told Derek. "I'm really glad that you were here." She went on to tell him how she realized she needed to be with Kristian.

"I hate that you're going to be hurting because you're so amazing and you're so wonderful and I've had so much fun with you," Demi told Derek.

While Derek appeared totally crushed by Demi's decision, he responded with maturity and compassion. "I'm glad that you're moving toward what makes you happier, and while that sucks to know it's not me, I don't get to decide that," he said.

Derek was really upset because he felt like he was always put in a position where he's not enough for someone else. "I feel like I'm in the same situation over and over again where someone picks someone else over me," he said through tears, adding: "I hold it in but it's all so much."

After what he's been through and how he handled the situation with Demi, Derek has major support from fans, who are hoping he meets his person soon.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues on Monday, Aug. 26, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.