Whoa, Derek & John Paul Jones’ Fight On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Got Super Heated


John Paul Jones has been one of Bachelor Nation's favorite contestants since he stepped out of the limo on The Bachelorette and introduced himself with all three of his names. Whether he was downing chicken nuggets or doing cartwheels in the sand, viewers loved his happy-go-lucky approach to his Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise stints. But his smooth ride hit a bump when Derek and John Paul Jones' fight on Bachelor in Paradise on the Aug. 27 episode got super heated.

Earlier in the week, John Paul Jones was still head over heels for Tayshia Adams, who said she admired JPJ's intelligence, but when Derek Peth was left single after Demi Burnett reunited with girlfriend Kristian Haggerty, Tayshia began exploring things with Derek. She encouraged John Paul Jones to go on other dates, and although he wasn't thrilled, he followed her advice, going on outings with new arrivals Haley Ferguson and Tahzjuan Hawkins.

While other men felt confused about who they liked, John Paul Jones eventually realized he still wanted to pursue Tayshia. In Aug. 26's episode, Derek gave a rose to her before JPJ could, leaving him to hand a rose to Haley. This rose ceremony was uneventful for the love square, but the following day, the pain of watching Tayshia grow close to Derek was too much for JPJ. He broke down into sobs, saying, "Tayshia has everything I'm looking for and I've just never met a girl like her. I just feel like it's slipping away."


When the cast was invited to the wedding of Paradise alums Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson, John Paul Jones' issues escalated, telling cameras he found Derek creepy and that Tayisha was the "victim of his fraud." Before the ceremony, he even muttered his opinion to Tayshia, who appreciated his concern but wanted to explore things on her own.

At Chris and Krystal's wedding reception, John Paul Jones confided in Katie Morton that Derek told him of his apparently less-admirable intentions related to Bachelor fame. "A man that takes advantage of women ... doesn't really strike me as a man of integrity," he said. "I think Tayisha deserves more than that."

"Derek's a Bachelor Nation groupie," he told cameras, later referencing Derek's Bachelor franchise-related podcast for which he thought Derek was trying to generate content. He took Derek aside, calling him out for his intentions with Tayshia, his frequent mentions of bringing JPJ onto his podcast, and his apparent claims to use his fame to pursue followers. "Don't insult my intelligence, Derek!" he yelled. "Name one thing I just said that is false!" (Derek has not responded to Elite Daily's request for comment on the matter.)

As JPJ lashed out at him, Derek didn't exactly deny any of his statements, but to be fair, a wedding wasn't the time or place to get into it.

Understandably, John Paul Jones acting out at the wedding didn't sit well with the newlyweds. It's bad enough to have someone you don't know at your big day, but when he creates a disturbance, the bride and groom have a right to be upset. Speaking to Access on Aug. 26, Krystal explained, "We had heard through our family and friends that there was like a dark cloud that was going over … and that dark cloud was John Paul Jones."

In the same interview, Chris expressed his feelings about the fight happening in front of his mother, saying, "It was just a complete lack of awareness … with friends and family there and it being [Krystal’s] day … to take away from that is completely selfish. The way he attacks Derek is also completely unacceptable ... He owes my wife an apology."

Derek and JPJ met up again back at the resort, but their post-wedding chat didn't really help clear anything up. John Paul Jones said he stuck by everything he had said earlier, while Derek — when he could get a word in edgewise — said he didn't even know his foe had such strong feelings for Tayshia before that day.

Fans will have to wait and see if Derek and John Paul Jones' tension bubbles over again, but let's hope the Randones have recovered from this bumpy patch on their wedding day.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Sept. 2, on ABC.