Here's Your Refresher On Tahzjuan, The New Addition To 'Bachelor In Paradise'


Nowadays, a contestant getting eliminated on Night One of The Bachelor or Bachelorette isn't always the last fans will see of them. While not all of these early castoffs can be as popular as internet favorite Grocery Store Joe, they often get a second chance at love by appearing on Bachelor in Paradise. Such is the case with the newest Paradise Season 6 arrival, so, who is Tahzjuan from Bachelor in Paradise? She's on the beach to score the personal time she never received on The Bachelor.

The 25-year-old business development associate arrived in Paradise on the Aug. 26 episode, when the men had the power to give out the roses. With a date card in hand, she made it clear she didn't care about stepping on any toes and gravitated toward John Paul Jones. "I feel like John Paul Jones likes me," she said. "And it took me four plane rides, lost luggage, and a whole bunch of other sh*t to get to where I'm standing now, so I'm not going to feel bad about anything."

Conflicted about how Tayshia Adams felt about him, JPJ accepted Tahzjuan's offer for a date without checking in with Tayshia, who told him she wanted him to explore other connections. On his date with Tahzjuan, he seemingly wasn't up to speed about the Bachelor "rule" of not eating on dates, and ended up hacking up the bite he took of his maybe-chicken dish. A bat distracted Tahzjuan, the two of them couldn't stop laughing, and it resulted in quite the zany first date. They even made out at the end of it. "I've never met anyone like John Paul Jones," Tahzjuan said toward the end of the evening.

She left a good impression on her date, too. JPJ told cameras, "I think the potential is there for romance. I might Tahzjuan-t to kiss her tonight."

So, what else can John Paul Jones look forward to when hanging out with Tahzjuan?


Hailing from Colorado, Tahzjuan Hawkins competed on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor. She used her limo exit to teach Colton how to say her name, using the pun, "I hope I’m the Tahz-juan for you." However, her time with the leading man was cut short when fellow contestant Catherine interrupted her conversation, as well as those of quite a few other women. Understandably, Tahzjuan wasn't pleased about Catherine taking over yet again.

"If I was a human being and I was looking for a wife, all the girls here who are being drama right now — done, axed," an irritated Tahzjuan said in a pre-rose ceremony interview. "Call them a limo, put them all in there together, and send them off."

She wasn't the only one nervous about receiving a rose after Catherine stepped on so many toes, but when Catherine received the final rose of the night, Tahzjuan felt particularly hurt. "Are you kidding me?" she told cameras after her elimination. "Obviously, with some of the girls tonight, I feel like he definitely made a mistake. I saw every single one of these people in my head earlier going home. It doesn't make sense to me. I think I was taken out of this equation way too early."

Tahzjuan later poked fun at her standoff with Catherine in an Instagram post, captioning the GIF-able moment, "Here’s to working on my resting b*tch face in 2019 and hopefully the rest of it goes uninterrupted."

With more dating options on the beach, here's hoping that Tahzjuan finds her "juan" this time around, whether or not it be John Paul Jones. She may have a tattoo proclaiming a love of bad ideas, but maybe Paradise will turn out to be the greatest idea for her yet.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.