Haley Ferguson Is Back On 'Bachelor In Paradise,' So Here's What She's Been Up To


Long before Bachelor franchise contestants listed their occupations as "John Paul Jones" and "Miss Alabama," there were "The Twins." Although only one of them has made it back to the beach for Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, Haley and Emily Ferguson were once Paradise legends, so it feels right for Haley to come back and reclaim her crown. The Bachelor Nation alumna has been busy since the last time audiences saw her on TV. What does Haley Ferguson do in 2019? The former waitress is actually shaping up into a fitness guru.

Appearing on Ben Higgins' Bachelor season, Haley and her twin sister Emily were notorious for stirring up trouble among the women. While they were actually waitresses, their individual job titles were both listed on the show as "Twin." However, since her multiple appearances within the Bachelor franchise, Haley has taken on the new title of pilates instructor. She teaches classes at Core Pilates in Las Vegas and seems very dedicated to her practice, at least according to her many Instagram posts featuring a pilates machine. She posts lots of inspiring captions along with her photos, which make it clear that she's found something she loves in pilates.

Haley's search for romantic love hasn't been quite as easy as her journey to pilates. During Ben's season of The Bachelor, Haley and Emily's joint identity as twins became an issue when Ben took Haley and Emily to their childhood home when he and the contestants were in Las Vegas for the week. Their mother told Ben that Emily was the more dominant sister while Haley struggled with letting her guard down. At the end of this two-on-one date, Ben chose Emily over Haley, but Emily met her Bachelor end several weeks later, meaning both twins were destined for Bachelor in Paradise that summer.

On Season 3 of Paradise, contestant Brandon Andreen asked out Haley, but Emily secretly tagged along on the date. Wanting to test if Brandon could truly tell them apart, the sisters switched places halfway through the evening. Poor Brandon was clueless, and essentially book his own ticket out of Paradise as a result.

Neither twin found love on that season, prompting their return to the beach midway through Season 4. However, that time in Paradise didn't work out too well for them, either. They butted heads with several other cast members and said some pretty vicious things. They called Danielle Lombard and Taylor Nolan "ugly" and "shallow," and said Jack Stone looked like a "serial killer." So, it wasn't that much of a surprise when the twins both went home single, again. Since then, they've said they regret their actions. Haley told Us Weekly, "We said some really, really awful things that we wish we could take back. So that's the only thing that we would do differently."

Since then, Emily has found love with Swedish hockey player William Karlsson. However, Haley still hasn't found her special someone... yet. That's why she's giving Paradise another try this season. Hopefully she has better luck this time around.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Aug. 27 on ABC.