Sydney Hightower is on Peter Weber's season of 'The Bachelor'

Here's What Sydney Hightower Is Up To When She's Not On 'The Bachelor'


Sydney Hightower was one of the lucky ladies to snag a coveted one-on-one date with Peter Weber during Week 5 of The Bachelor. Of course, as Peter got the chance to get to know her better, fans also began wanting to know more about Sydney, including what her job is when she's not on The Bachelor. Outside of the show, it's clear she has a lot going on.

The Feb. 3 episode saw the group travel from Cleveland to Costa Rica, marking the first international trip of the season. Upon arriving in paradise, the ladies got a warm welcome by Peter, who told them a suspicious story about fighting a jaguar in the jungle (it was fake), then immediately invited Sydney to join him on a romantic one-on-one date. Snagging the first international date obviously says something huge about her blooming relationship with Peter, so fans were interested to know more about this contestant who caught Peter's eye.

According to Sydney's ABC bio, she spends her professional life working as a retail marketing manager. Based on her Instagram, she also dabbles in modeling, and promoting her friends' styling and clothing businesses as well. Furthermore, her bio on a nanny services website proves she has many skills.

In ABC's Meet the Women video, Chris Harrison said Sydney would say nearly anything that was on her mind, and that was proven when she got in the middle of some Alayah controversy in the evening portion of the Week 3 group date. She seethed about Alayah until she straight-up asked her, "Do you, like, work... at all?" to which Alayah — seemingly oblivious to what Sydney was implying — responded saying of course she did. Since it's clear Sydney has a lot of ambition outside of the show, she apparently wanted to keep an eye on making sure Peter's love match had the same.

On her one-on-one date, Sydney spent her time telling Peter about her heritage and confirmed she could speak a bit of Spanish, which Peter took advantage of by telling her sweet words in the language. The immediately started kissing and Peter then told her she's the best kisser of the group — yet another skill she has in her repertoire, apparently.


Their date continued with Sydney sharing stories of her troubled childhood, which included being raised by a singly mother and being bullied in high school (which was apparently the same high school as Hannah Brown). In the end, it's clear Peter was enamored by who Sydney is both on and off the show. "I want someone with a huge heart... and that is so evident with Sydney. We have that spark, it's undeniable," he told cameras after their date, further confirming Sydney as one to watch in the upcoming episodes.

Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.