Peter Weber on 'The Bachelor'

These Tweets About Peter's Injury On 'The Bachelor' Are Honestly So Good


Like any other episode in the franchise, the Feb. 3 episode of The Bachelor had its fair share of drama. But unlike others, this one also included a pretty scary story surrounding Peter Weber. When Pilot Pete joined the women in Costa Rica, he arrived with a serious-looking head injury, and a heart-pounding story to go with it. But, the season's lead at least found the humor in his situation, and these tweets about Peter's injury on The Bachelor prove fans did too.

As soon as Peter showed up at the resort in Costa Rica, the women could tell something was wrong. He had large bandage on his forehead, and told the women that he had a terrifying accident. Peter explained that the day before, he was hiking by himself to go see a volcano when he encountered a puma. He then said the puma attacked him, and Peter did the only thing he could to protect himself: He fought back. All the women listened to Peter's story with shocked looks on their faces... until Peter admitted he just made the entire thing up. The real story turned out to be way more mundane, but that didn't make his injury any less of a big deal.

The actual story of how Peter ended up with a cut on his forehead is a lot tamer than a puma attack. He explained when he got to the resort, he walked toward a golf cart, but tripped directly into it. He hit his head and fell, but what really did the damage was the glass he was holding. When Peter tripped, the glass shattered, and a shard scraped his head, cutting him so badly he had to got to hospital and receive 22 stitches.

Not only did Peter tell everyone the story of his injury, but the producers also filled a reenactment and showed security footage of the moment it happened.

Season 24 of The Bachelor continues on Wednesday, Feb. 5, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.