Sydney Hightower is on Peter Weber's season of 'The Bachelor'

Hmm, One Of Peter's 'Bachelor' Contestants Has A Connection To Hannah B.


While Sydney Hightower might be a new name this season for most Bachelor fans out there, there's at least one member of the franchise who is already familiar with her. It turns out, Peter's new Bachelor contestant Sydney went to high school with his famous ex, Hannah Brown. But while that's a pretty interesting coincidence, that's not all there is to know about this Season 24 contestant.

Proving it's not only a soft spot for Peter Weber that connects these two ladies, an Alabama newspaper reported Hannah and Sydney graduated from the same high school in 2013. After leaving Tuscaloosa County High School, both ladies also moved on to attend the University of Alabama for college. Since their senior class alone included 333 names, and college classes have much more students than that, it's unclear exactly how much these two ladies crossed paths in their past. However, it's probable the pair have at least heard of each other before their respective Bachelor debuts.

Sydney made no mention of her history with Hannah in the season premiere, and it's unclar if she will say anything going forward. What she has proven, though, is she's here to make a name for herself in Peter Weber's heart. She showed up on Night 1 in a dazzling gold number, and greeted Peter by saying: "I am from Alabama, but I'm not your typical Southern girl, and not every girl from 'Bama makes bad decisions," playfully nodding to the fact Hannah didn't choose him to win her Bachelorette season. Peter smirked in response, recognizing Sydney's casual shade-throw, and met up with her later in the night to chat more.

ABC/John Fleenor, ABC/Ed Herrera

Sydney's ABC profile indicates a troubled history with love is what brought her to The Bachelor. She and her (now ex-)boyfriend began looking for places to move in together after two years of dating, but he broke up with her before that could happen. Sydney was apparently "crushed," and now, she's hoping Peter will be a brighter next chapter in her love story.

Here's more from her Bachelor bio:

Sydney loves love! She has always been a relationship type of girl, but the end of her last relationship really crushed her ... Sydney was devastated, but has spent these last few months rebuilding her broken heart and preparing to get back out there. She is looking to find that one person who wants to fully give his all to her and build their lives together.

Outside of dating the same guy as 29 other women, Sydney's hobbies includes hiking and baking. Although her bio lists her as a retail marketing manager, a bio on an online nanny website proves she has many skills.

If her limo entrance didn't prove it already, it's clear this contestant is likely not going to be meek when it comes to pursuing Pilot Pete. Her profile says she's "fiery, fierce, and not a force you want to mess with," suggesting plenty of action is in store for this contestant. In ABC's Meet the Women video, Chris Harrison echoed this sentiment, saying Sydney would say nearly anything that was on her mind.

With an outspoken personality and unique connection to Hannah B., it will be interesting to see how these things impact Sydney's Bachelor journey with Peter.

The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.