What Is ARMY ZIP? BTS' Official Fanclub Members Are In For A ~Super~ Surprise

When Big Hit Entertainment first announced that BTS would be going on break, fans probably thought that meant they (and their wallets) would be getting a break, too, but nope. It's actually been the total opposite! Fans are busier than ever trying to keep up with all the new BTS content coming their way. So, what is it now? Well, Big Hit has just released a teaser for ARMY ZIP 2019. Huh? You're probably wondering, what is ARMY ZIP? Well, it's for official fanclub members only. If you're part of the fanclub, then this info is something you should definitely read up on, and if you're not part of the fanclub, well, maybe after learning about ARMY ZIP, you'll want to become part of it!

Before I get into the details, let me backtrack a bit. On Monday, Aug. 19, Big Hit released a video titled, "GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ‘ARMY’ MEMBERSHIP Webzine -ARMY ZIP- Teaser." The video, which spans 42 seconds and has the "MIC Drop" remix playing in the background, left fans feeling really confused since it showed RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook like they've never seen them before. I'm serious. Jin and Jungkook had bruises and cuts on their face, V had a gun in his hands (which definitely gave off James Bond vibes!), and Jimin had mysterious writing all over his arms. The clip also teased "A NEW SUPERHERO."

At the end, all of the members of BTS seemed to go back to their usual selves, but it looked like they were watching a movie or something. The video ended with "2019. 10 Coming Soon." What could this all mean?


And that's where I come in to explain! Like I said, ARMY ZIP is only available to members of BTS' Global Official Fanclub. To become a member, fans can log into the Weply app and click on "Membership." From there, fans can purchase the membership for $30. I highly recommend you join the fanclub since it comes with a lot of perks and exclusive content. This exclusive content is what Big Hit calls "ARMY ZIP" and it comes in the form of an ARMY kit, which includes a membership ID card and other exclusive merchandise.

In previous years, fans have gotten photobooks and physical magazines in their kits, but based on the teaser shared by Big Hit, this year fans can expect a webzine on top of their physical ARMY kits.

The teaser gives some info about the webzine, like the fact that it will arrive sometime in October and have a superhero theme. That's pretty much all ARMYs got from the teaser (I mean, it's called a teaser for a reason), but I'm sure Big Hit will release more info about BTS' webzine in the coming weeks.

Even though fans don't know much about the webzine, the teaser was enough to get ARMYs totally hyped about it. Just check out some of their reactions below.

Honestly, same! I am currently freaking out over this webzine and although I didn't purchase the Global ARMY Fanclub membership before, I'm so going to do that right now. I mean, exclusive content and other BTS perks? Sign me right up!