Here's What Each Zodiac Sign Wishes You Knew About Them

Every single one of us has a set of secrets — a face worn in front of others and a face revealed in private, when no one is looking. This golden truth is not ignored by astrology. There's always a reason, sometimes a messy reason, why the signs behave the way they do. In fact, what each zodiac sign wishes others understood about them might genuinely surprise you, especially the signs that tend to get a bad rap more than others, like Gemini, Leo, or Scorpio. It's their desire to seem a certain way, usually a way that conceals their self-doubt or deep-seated fears, that leads to this divide within. Sometimes this divide even causes people to underestimate their strength, to ignore what they’re capable of.

I'm sure this is a sentiment you can relate to. I'm sure you can relate even more to feeling defensive when your zodiac sign gets ripped apart. There's always a deeper reason why each sign behaves they way they do and there’s always another side to the story that people don’t always see — or care to understand. This is why we should always think twice before making a swift judgment. Read on to find out what exactly your sign wishes others knew:


Underneath all that fiery competitiveness and ambition that can sometimes put others off is some major sensitivity (and a big heart). Your need to prove your worth, to fight for what you think is right, is always fueled by a sea of emotion. Your ruthless nature is just how you use it. Otherwise, you might be crying all the time.


You're often teased for being the stubborn bull you are, but there is a reason for it. You're steadfast in your beliefs and your loyalties are made of unbreakable steel. You take your time when forming an opinion and therefore, your opinions mean a lot to you. Your stubbornness is how you protect yourself, your loved ones, and your values.


If you had a dollar for every time someone called you "two-faced," you could probably pay them to shut up. Truth is, you just want to make everyone happy and you stretch yourself thin doing so. You can relate to almost anybody. Therefore, it's difficult for you to be anything but charming to people, even if you have plenty of reasons to dislike them as well.


Yeah, yeah, you know people think you're some big cry baby. While that may be true, people don't realize just how smart you are underneath all that emotion. You're quite calculating and capable of maneuvering through anything. When you're done with the tears, you pull yourself back together — coming back stronger and ready to take action.


People might think you're a bit of an attention whore, Leo. While you fully accept that you enjoy the spotlight, you wish others understood the real reason why. You find so much joy in helping others, in generosity, in forging a special bond every single person you meet. In that way, you like being adored: for how great of a friend you are. It means everything to you.


Uptight, analytical, "clean freak," you've heard it all, Virgo. They just don't understand how much you care about making things right. You have a vision for yourself, for others, for the world, and you're serious about achieving it. That's why you have such a particular way of doing things. You've worked hard to get where you are.


You've heard that you can be considered superficial. The thing is, Libra, you're not. You're constantly weighing all the options, taking in all the information, and letting it sink in before making a decision. You choose to let things be beautiful before they have to get ugly. You understand that nothing is black or white. Life is too short to be so cut and dry.


Sometimes it feels like you're considered the devil of the zodiac, Scorpio, which you find mostly funny. You might be known as jealous or intense but that's only because at the core, you're a romantic. You want the world to be amazing, more amazing than it might truly be. You care about living every moment like it might be your last and you want the same for everyone. Life's too short to chill out.


People might think you're a bit of a shallow party animal, someone who can't get too deep. On the contrary, you're deep as an abyss. You just don't want to overwhelm anyone with it. If they really cared to know, you'd divulge all your darkness. You're honestly just waiting for someone to ask. It doesn't seem fair to put that on someone without warranting it.


Your hard exterior might make you seem standoffish to people, Capricorn, but you're just protecting yourself with some necessary walls. You're massively sensitive, hopeful, and thoughtful — you just reserve that side of you for people you trust. When you get hurt, it really hurts, and it's hard for you to get over things fast. That's why you're so careful.


You disappear sometimes, Aquarius, and people judge you for it. They think you're emotionless and scared of commitment. This couldn't be further from the truth. You're just super independent and working things out on your own is how you roll. You will always return to people — you just need some time to process and reflect.


You're highly emotional and ceaselessly forgiving, Pisces. This causes people to assume you're weak. It's unfortunate just how wrong that is. Your emotions are your strength. The fact you're willing to embrace them just shows what you're capable of handling in life. Most other signs would crumble under the weight of your emotions. Not you, Pisces. Not you.