What Your Pallas Sign Reveals About How You Turn Ideas Into Action

Most of us look to our birth charts to dissect our emotional epicenters, to understand our capacity to love and be loved, and to reveal our natural born talents. But I bet you didn't know that astrology can say a lot about how intelligent you are, did you? Yes, it's true, and what Pallas means in astrology defines precisely how your brain functions. Expressing your unique style of wit, your process of critical thinking, and your means of planning a strategy, Pallas says a lot about how you make sh*t happen.

This sign is not commonly brought up in horoscopes, but it's just as important to our astrological makeup as any other sign. It's one of the cometary bodies in the belt stretching between Mars and Jupiter, along with Ceres, Juno, and Vesta, a few other asteroids with massive influence on our birth charts.

These signs tend to have more nuanced implications about who we are. Open to a wider variety of interpretations than signs with more obvious meanings like your sun, rising, and moon signs, astrologers could debate the true significance of these asteroids for hours. Regardless, the Greek mythology behind the significance of the name "Pallas" helps it all make sense.

If you don't know what your Pallas sign is, put your date and time of birth into this birth chart calculator and find out.

This asteroid was named after Pallas Athena, daughter of Jupiter (better known as Zeus). You probably already know that she was a goddess of warfare, wisdom, skill, and strategy. She also had an impartial eye for justice, always weighing both sides of an argument before making a judgment. The energy of Pallas errs on the more masculine side, unlike the rest of the asteroids in our chart which tend to be more feminine. In fact, Pallas was born literally from the head of her father. She's all about using the left side of your brain and articulating how you tune into logical forms of reasoning.

While your Venus sign signifies how you fall in love, Pallas has something to say about how you make difficult decisions in your relationships. While your Mars sign expresses your aggressive, animalistic tendencies, Pallas expresses how you temper those instincts with reason. If your rising sign says a lot about your public persona and the first impressions people generally form about you, Pallas explains the strategy you use to navigate new environments.

Pallas is the brilliant lawyer who lives inside all of us. She's the unapologetic military analyst some of us never realized we were. She's a fighter for what is just and right in this world, often ignoring her own emotional impulses for the sake of the greater good. Instead of charging into battle with revenge and blood on her mind, she'll concoct a plan of action that traps her enemies before her soldiers have even broken a sweat.

On a lighter note, there actually is a somewhat emotional element to what Pallas means in our birth charts. As the daughter of Zeus, she also symbolizes our relationship with our fathers as well as all the men we come across in our lives, as opposed to Ceres, which exposes our relationships with our mothers and other women.

Some of us may have biases toward or against men. You might feel naturally trusting of them or maybe even instinctually suspicious of their motives. Your Pallas sign can explain how you deal with men in general. For example, if your Pallas is in Taurus, you might go about your male relationships with patience and common sense. If your Palls sign is in Pisces, men might be a source of inspiration in your life, finding the way their darkness balances out their light fascinating.