How Protective You Are Of Those You Love, According To Your Ceres Sign

If you thought all you needed to know about astrology was your Sun sign, think again. Your birth chart indicates dozens of signs that make up the person you are and your Sun sign barely even flirts with the totality of what the stars graced you with upon birth. You've got a Mars sign that explains how assertive you are, a Venus sign that exposes what type of romantic you are, a Moon sign that reveals your inner world — and if you're really trying to delve into the idiosyncrasies of your astrological makeup, your Ceres sign. Ever heard of it? I bet even some of the most scholarly astrology freaks haven't! If you're just as confused as I was at the mention of this dwarf planet in our charts, prepare to be absolutely blown away by what your Ceres sign reveals about the way you love and protect others.

Ceres represents the Mother Earth that lives inside us all; it reveals what we need in order to feel nourished in life and how we nourish everyone around us. It describes the dark and mystifying depth of our motherly love, just how far we're willing to go to defend our loved ones, the various transitions a woman goes through in life, and more.

If you're not sure what your Ceres sign is, calculate it here then read on to find out what it reveals about the type of "mom" you are in your group of friends—or even to your actual children!

Aries - The Chief Mother

On Saturday nights, your loved ones come to you to find out what the plans are. Leadership comes so naturally to you, Aries! Who else would they look to before making a move? Keeping everyone in line is a piece of cake for you and you're likely to be in charge of a large group of people. You're also great at slapping sense into your loved ones and giving them the confidence they need to get through life.

Taurus - The Natural Mother

Taurus, for as finely tuned in to your five senses as you are, it only makes sense that you'll encourage your loved ones to experience the outside world—namely in nature. If it weren't for you, everyone would waste entire days scrolling through their phones, missing out on all the beauty that surrounds them. Your energy is grounding and your loved ones also rely on you for stability, since the devotion you give them is immeasurable.

Gemini - The Creative Mother

You're an endless supply of conversation, Gemini, and it's always stimulating. It's no wonder everyone comes to you for advice, since you always understand what your loved ones are going through. Your perspective on life is fluid and changeable, making it easy for you to encourage open-mindedness and artistry in all your loved ones, infusing them with the spirit to try new things just for the heck of it.

Cancer - The Soothing Mother

You are a bottomless pit of love and emotion, Cancer, making you the first person your loved ones turn to when they're having a depressing day. If you could hug everyone alive, I'm positive we'd have world peace. Since comfort is so important to you, you're always the one brewing hot chocolate and turning on everyone's favorite TV show, making everyone forget all about their worries and feel safe for a little while.

Leo - The Adventurous Mother

What's the point of even having a party if you're not throwing it, Leo? There's a certain wildness that follows you everywhere you go and with you around, nothing ever gets boring. You also love being the superstar of your loved ones, so generosity gives you immense pleasure. Not only are parties and activities in the top tier of fun when you're behind them, everyone walks away with a goody bag (or at least a renewed sense of self).

Virgo - The Structured Mother

If you weren't around, Virgo, no reservations would get made, no plans would ever be followed through, and everything would be a total mess. When everyone's too excited to pay attention, you're there, making all the necessary calls and jotting down all the things you guys need in order to make things happen. Your loved ones know that without your support, the whole group might fall apart.

Libra - The Ethical Mother

It's only natural that occasionally a disagreement or a miscommunication will pop up amongst your loved ones—let's just hope that you're there to keep the peace. You see everything clearly, Libra, and you don't play favorites, making you the perfect judge in all things that can get complicated. Your loved ones always trust you to be fair and therefore, will let you have the final word when things get ugly.

Scorpio - The Loyal Mother

Scorpio, you're overflowing with loyalty for your loved ones and the extremes you'll take to protect them are almost unimaginable. They know that if anyone ever hurts them, you'll be after the perpetrator with stakes and torches before they can even finish explaining what happened. You don't even necessarily care if your loved one might also be at fault; your allegiance to those you love knows no bounds.

Sagittarius - The Spontaneous Mother

Sagittarius, you are so in touch with your inner child that you're known for unexpectedly taking your loved ones on a ride they'll ever forget. Impulsive by nature, you're the one to transform a night in with some Netflix into, "Hey, let's just drive to the grand canyon tonight instead." You're always down for anything, no matter how crazy it might seem, and your loved ones are grateful for your reckless spirit.

Capricorn - The Motivational Mother

Capricorn, when your loved ones tell you they're wildest dreams, you never let them be forgotten. Always a mastermind of executing well-articulated plans, you'll encourage your loved ones to actually set about achieving them, no matter how scared they might be. You'll be waiting backstage with them while they nervously bite their nails, then shove them onstage when it's time for their cue.

Aquarius - The Eccentric Mother

There's no one better bringing out the individuality in your loved ones than you, Aquarius. You're the queen of all things off-the-wall and alternative and you're always there to reassure your loved ones when they're about to make a decision that might alienate them from the conventions of society. You make things different, wild, and unique. Spending time with you is a breath of fresh air that breaks apart all the monotony in everyone's day.

Pisces - The Imaginative Mother

Without you, Pisces, where's the magic? Where's the fantasy? In your world, possibility infuses every moment and your loved ones would be a lot less happy without your visionary nature. You remind everyone why life is beautiful, why everything is fascinating, and you show your loved ones how they can harness the artistry of life in everything they do. When things feel stagnant and mundane, you're there to rearrange everyone's perspective.