What Does It Mean To Be Born During Mercury Retrograde? Why It's More Powerful Than You Think

You've probably heard all about how Mercury retrograde is a total shutdown of all logic and common sense. When this transit takes place, you're told to prepare for travel delays, awkward conversations, data crashes, running into your ex, and all sorts of uncomfortable and inconvenient occurrences. It's a time rife with error and confusion, right? So, have you ever wondered what it means when you're born during Mercury retrograde? Believe it or not, it can be a blessing in disguise.

Being born during Mercury retrograde is not common but it's certainly not rare. After all, Mercury is in retrograde around 19 percent of the time, according to Astrology King, and it's not like babies stop being born during this period. Because of how you're told to fear Mercury retrograde due to its ability to make everything a whole lot more complicated, you might even assume that being born during this transit would be considered bad luck. You may even be wondering if these people are naturally disorganized, socially inept, or even less intelligent than everyone else. Well, I'm here to set the record straight, because some of the most creative and innovative minds I know were born during Mercury retrograde. While this transit is never easy to go through, being born during it can certainly give you an edge.

You've Probably Felt Misunderstood In Your Life

The only downside to being born during Mercury retrograde (if it can even be considered a downside), is that it makes you think in a way that not everyone may find it easy to understand at first. Growing up, you may have felt like you communicate and process things differently than everyone else, which may have caused people to think that there's something "wrong" with you. Maybe you were born in a family that communicates passive aggressively, but you were the only one who was more direct. Perhaps you were in a classroom that prized mathematical thinking above all, but you were instead more artistic.

Regardless, a feeling of being an outsider is prevalent for those born with Mercury retrograde, and that's merely because you think differently than most of the population. While this may initially deplete your self-worth, it eventually becomes strength when you realize what a power you have as a unique thinker.

You're Way More Skeptical And You Think More Deeply

However, when Mercury is in retrograde, this planet is way more introspective, thoughtful, and skeptical than usual. When moving direct, Mercury is fast-paced and eager to connect the dots, and while it might make you seem like a slow thinker when you have Mercury retrograde in your birth chart, it's only because you're doing a lot more thinking than anyone else would even think to do.

The truth is, being born during Mercury retrograde gives you an advantage when it comes to contemplative and all-encompassing thinking. You see every angle of an idea because you naturally have a tendency to look backwards and sideways, which is something Mercury is not naturally aiming to do. You have a tendency to review your choices and re-do things over and over again until you get it right.

You Grow Into A Unique And Compelling Communicator

Through the misunderstandings and complexities of being born with Mercury retrograde in your birth chart, you tend to grow into a very commanding presence. People with a natal Mercury retrograde have a natural inclination is to see something differently, therefore making it easier for them to come up with genius ideas that no one else would have thought of. By overcoming the challenges that come with being such a rare mind, you're forced to sharpen and refine your communication skills. Is it any wonder that every single person I know who was born during Mercury retrograde may have been an oddball during their childhood, but they always grew into the most fascinating and stimulating conversationalists?

And, here's the best part: Being born during Mercury retrograde means that you experience a boost of energy and intelligence whenever Mercury enters retrograde. You're not bumping into walls like everyone else is, if you know what I mean.