The Mercury Retrograde In Pisces Meaning Is All About Embracing Your Subconscious Truth

I bet you've heard all about how terrifying Mercury retrograde is. If you're into astrology, you probably know firsthand how much this confusing and complicated transit can affect you. I don't know about you, but some seriously strange things have happened to me while Mercury is undergoing apparent retrograde motion. All of this is probably leaving you wondering about the Mercury retrograde in Pisces 2019 meaning, because it's quickly approaching.

Beginning on Mar. 5 and ending on Mar. 28, this Mercury retrograde will make your mind a dreamy, spacey, and irrational place. Remember that Mercury rules over communication, cognitive function, and everything that has to do with the way you evaluate and think. When this brainy inner planet is rolling backwards in its orbit, all things that have to do with organization, planning, and thinking straight can go wrong, especially when it's in a zodiac sign like Pisces. Because analyzing details is not a strong suit of Pisces, Mercury is not functioning the way it's used to when it's in the 12th sign of the zodiac. While Pisces wants to process things spiritually and emotionally, Mercury wants to view things logically and rationally. Think of Mercury as a buzzing computer and Pisces as a sea of feeling. What happens to electronics when they're put underwater? They sputter, crackle, and combust.

You're Thinking With Your Heart, Not Your Head

If I were to assign a philosophical adage to Mercury, it would be "I think, therefore I am," by René Descartes. However, when Mercury is retrograding through passionate, sensitive, and artistic Pisces, those words transform into "I felt before I thought," by Henri Rousseau. This transit will have you all up in your feels, so prepare for things to affect you deeply, spiritually, or not at all.

This penchant for dreamy, spaced out thinking is beautiful for creative exploration, truth seeking, and emotional satisfaction. However, it can also leave you feeling irrational or unable to control your feelings under the pressure of day-to-day life. Remember that you might not be seeing things clearly and that your wholehearted perspective may cause you to make errors along the way. Forgive yourself for them.

Leave The Analysis And Scrutiny For Later

With the emotional ocean of Pisces in mind, this is not the best time to force yourself to process minute details or work through complex puzzles. In other words, don't sign lengthy contracts, commit to complicated purchases, or spend your energy trying to study calculating material. This is not the time to be pedantic. Of course, if you have no choice but to do these things, make sure you double check everything and set aside more time for the project. But, if you can help it, leave all this left-brained work for later.

This retrograde will have you thinking in a way that is not logical or linear. Instead, your mind will wander off to faraway places. Why force yourself to follow the direct path when you can see what lies over there?

Allow Your Inner Truth To Take The Reigns

My best advice to for Mercury retrograde in Pisces is to simply allow yourself to go where the wind takes you. Don't try to force things to happen a certain, specific way. Instead, see where your thoughts travel and let go of your need for control. You may find that your intuition has something groundbreaking to show you. Your subconscious contains something beautiful and but you'll never find it if you're always overthinking everything.

Also, remember that this retrograde is not a good time to start new projects or push yourself through anything that feels forced. The way you're feeling during Mercury retrograde is not how you'll always feel, but it's important that you feel it anyway. Use this time to complete existing endeavors, tie off loose ends, and review the past. Introspection and contemplation is key.