Here’s what Dunkin’s Sugarplum Macchiato tastes like, because you’ll want to sip it this winter.

We Tried Dunkin's Festive New Macchiato & It's A Berry Different Take On Holiday Sips

Courtesy of Dunkin'

Dunkin’ unveiled a new holiday drink on Wednesday, Dec. 2, and it's quite a departure from the seasonal flavors you're used to. The Sugarplum Macchiato is a twist on a classic macchiato — inspired by The Nutcracker, of course — and it features a pretty purple hue to match its name. But if your only connection to sugarplums is when visions of them danced in your head, you might be wondering what Dunkin’s Sugarplum Macchiato tastes like. Here's what you can expect from Dunkin's holiday newcomer.

To create this pretty purple drink, the Sugarplum Macchiato is made with premium espresso, milk, and a sugarplum flavor swirl, which is what really packs the flavor punch. The flavor swirl features a blend of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and plum flavors, with notes of vanilla, and a "sweet, powdered sugar finish," per Dunkin'. It also has a gorgeous layered purple color that's more than Gram'-worthy. But how does that translate to your taste buds? Elite Daily editor Collette Reitz recently tasted the Iced Sugarplum Macchiato, and she definitely noticed the berries: "With the first sip, you get a strong blueberry flavor, and the powdered sugar finish definitely comes through."

But as you continue to sip, the taste evolves as "other berry flavors come through, as well as the vanilla." When it comes to the drink's namesake, you may have to work to suss out that flavor: "As far as plum, I can’t say I distinctly taste it, but the flavor swirl is very fruity," Reitz explains. She warns if you're not into sweet sips, you'll definitely want to go slow on this one, as it's not very coffee-forward.

Although it's totally different than the usual peppermint or gingerbread holiday cuppa, if you love fruity (and sugary) sips, it sounds like the latest Dunkin' macchiato will hit the spot. The Sugarplum Macchiato is available nationwide for a limited time, priced at $3.79 for a small, $4.29 for a medium, and $4.69 for a large. You can get it iced or hot, and you can also add the sugarplum swirl to any other beverage at Dunkin' this holiday season.

When heading to Dunkin' for a Sugarplum Macchiato or other festive sip, try to stick to pick up or delivery when possible. If you head into the store, make sure to follow the coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of Sept. 11. They include wearing a face mask, practicing social distancing, and washing your hands after handling your packaging.

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