Fans Have A Super Simple Theory For What Jungkook's Skeleton Hand Tattoo Means

JTBC PLUS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

The BTS ARMY is made up of millions of fans around the world, who all contribute to the fandom in their own way. From streaming and promoting, to translating and creating artwork, each member has a role to play. Another valuable position among the BTS ARMY is the photographers who take pictures of BTS during their concert performances. Thanks to them, the ARMY is instantly aware of BTS' hair color changes and tattoo updates. Fansites have definitely proven vital in keeping up with Jungkook's growing tattoo collection. He may have a lot of visible designs, but his skeleton hand tattoo is one that's harder to spot. If you want to know what BTS' Jungkook's skeleton hand tattoo means, fans came up with a good theory.

When it comes to BTS' changes in their appearance, fans can never get a rest, since the members keep evolving their style every comeback. Fans especially love it when BTS changes their hair colors, because it's always so unexpected. If fans go into a frenzy each time the members dye their hair, you can imagine how excited they get when a member gets a new tattoo. So far, fans have only spotted Jungkook and Jimin with tats. While Jimin only appears to have two, fans think Jungkook has at least fifteen.

Since tattoos are forever, fans are always curious to know the meaning behind Jungkook's designs. If he got a phrase or image marked on his body for life, they think it must have a deep meaning for Jungkook to get it. However, when it comes to his skeleton hand tattoo, fans actually think the meaning behind it is simple, but impactful.

The image is located on Jungkook's right arm, right beside his three stripes tattoo. The design shows a skeleton hand, with the pinky and index fingers pointing upward, and the thumb across the two middle fingers. If the symbol looks familiar, that's because fans think the hand is meant to imitate the "rock on" hand symbol. As one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Jungkook rocks on non-stop while he tours around the world, so that message seems fitting.

See a peek of Jungkook's skeleton tat below.

Fans pointed out that Jungkook got a similar design as a henna tattoo while visiting Malta with BTS in 2018. However, the henna design was different since it showed an image of an actual hand, and the thumb pointed outward instead of in front of the other fingers.

While the most popular theory is the skeleton hand represents "rock on," other fans believe it could even mean "peace" or "I love you."

Fans are itching to know why Jungkook had his tattoo designed with the thumb folded inward, as well as why it depicts a skeleton hand rather than a regular hand.

The truth is, fans may never find out the full significance behind the tat. Despite Jungkook freely showing off his tattoos during his performances and BTS' music videos, he hasn't spoken directly about any of them. Whatever the full meaning is behind Jungkook's skeleton tat, there's no denying it looks really freaking cool.