ARMYs Will Never Recover From Seeing Jungkook's Arm Tattoos In BTS' "ON" Video

ARMYs were excited (read: absolutely hype beyond measure) to see BTS drop their "ON" video on Feb. 27, but there's one part of the video that has fans' excitement reaching a whole new level. In one scene, Jungkook's many arm tattoos were completely visible in HD. Naturally, the BTS ARMY is having a field day over it. The tweets about Jungkook's arm tattoos in BTS' "ON" video are gloriously chaotic.

Now, this is a big deal. Sure, fans knew Jungkook had tattoos, but he almost always keeps them hidden, and glimpses of Jungkook's tattoos have been few and far between.

In October 2019, when performing onstage for the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour's final shows, the world caught a quick peek at Jungkook's tats. Jungkook may have opted to wear long sleeves during the shows, but at one point, his sleeves rode up. Still, it was hard to tell what exactly he had inked on his lower arm.

However, in the "ON" video, Jungkook blessed us with a pretty clear shot of his tats. Of course, super-sleuth fans attempted to figure out what all the the artwork meant.

"There’s a discussion of Jungkook’s tattoos right now. The three lines look like a part of the Korean flag... the REA part might be Korea with the Korean National flower BUT, others are saying it’s a tiger flower known to represent sept 1st, which is his birthday," one fan tweeted.

"One of Jungkook's tattoos is the tiger lily which is his birth month flower and also a flower he used to decorate his mask with," another fan explained.

More than anything, ARMYs were just excited to catch a high quality glimpse of them in the first place.

Basically, there's nothing but calamity on Twitter right now after Jungkook exposed his tattoos. But you can't talk about his tats in the video without talking about the video itself. The BTS boys really out-did themselves this time y'all, and the "ON" video is beautiful. Seriously, it's a cinematic masterpiece.

Maybe one day Jungkook will reveal the rest of his tattoos to the world, but, for now, the clear shot we got in the "ON" video can hold us all over.