You Can Add Starbucks' Blonde Espresso To So Many Different Drinks On The Menu


If you haven't had your coffee yet (or if you're already on coffee number two), there's a new type of caffeine boost out there waiting for you to try. On Jan. 9, Starbucks introduced Blonde Espresso — its first new espresso in more than 40 years. The new menu item packs the same caffeine punch as Starbucks' Signature Espresso, but with a lighter, smoother flavor. Intrigued but not sure where to start? Have no fear: Here's what you can add to Starbucks' Blonde Espresso to in order to fully experience the taste.

As you might have guessed, Blonde Espresso offers a lighter flavor than what you're probably used to, just like a blonde roast coffee. According to Starbucks, the new option is "smooth and bright," with notes of lemon and orange. If you're new to coffee, that might sound strange, but it actually makes sense; coffee is technically a fruit. By lightly roasting Latin American and East African espresso beans, Starbucks brings out those fruitier qualities, plus a bit of a warm, caramel-y taste. That being said, Blonde Espresso doesn't taste like lemonade or orange juice; it's still a total coffee flavor that pairs well with many (or any) of your favorite Starbucks beverages. Give one of these a try, or get creative and add it to one of your favorites that isn't listed.

Iced Americano


Americanos have been a pretty hot coffee order over the last few years, but the Iced Blonde Americano keeps it totally cool. Blonde Espresso's lighter flavor is the perfect partner for the Americano, which — if you didn't know — is made by diluting espresso with hot water for a different kind of flavor. So for those who need the caffeine but don't quite need to taste it, this is a great option.

Blonde Vanilla Latte


Sometimes it's okay to be basic, especially if you're new to this whole coffee thing. Blonde Espresso's less intense flavor offers a welcoming introduction to anyone who has only recently ventured into the coffee world. The Blonde Vanilla Latte offers a perfect balance of sweet vanilla and bright, citrusy, Blonde Espresso for anyone who's not quite ready to embrace the bitter life.

Blonde Flat White


It may have the word "flat" in the title, but rest assured, the Blonde Flat White contains a full espresso kick. This is the drink for seasoned drinkers who can handle a true espresso experience, no sugar necessary.

Blonde Espresso Macchiato

The Blonde Espresso Macchiato is similar to the Blonde Flat White. It's not quite as intense as a straight espresso shot, but it's pretty darn close. The only thing separating it from straight up espresso is a small amount of foamed milk. The milk blends beautifully with the smoothness of Blonde Espresso, making for light, caffeine-y goodness.

Blonde Misto


The misto is another drink that works well for people who aren't super well-versed in coffee and espresso. The misto is one-half coffee, one-half steamed milk. While it traditionally does not include espresso, who says you can't add a shot? If you don't need the espresso, you can always get that same taste with Starbucks' Blonde Roast coffee.

Blonde Cappuccino

Darren McCollester/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The humble cappuccino works wonders for anyone dragging their feet in the morning. Turn that double shot of espresso into a double shot of Blonde Espresso if you're looking for something not quite as bold in the a.m.

Blonde Espresso is now a permanent menu item, so you have plenty of time to try all of these variations. And because the flavor isn't quite as roast-y, Blonde Espresso drinks are made with less syrup (no need to make it sweeter than it already is). So if you're looking to cut back on sugar, or you're worried that the Blonde Espresso drinks might be too sweet for you, fear not. Starbucks has thought of everything to ensure you enjoy this delicious new option.

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