Here’s What’s In McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes That Makes Them So Delicious

Courtesy of McDonald's

Some say that McDonald's legendary Shamrock Shake is made up of leprechaun tears and good luck, while others claim it's a more complex combo consisting of four leaf clovers, tiny rainbows, and leprechaun magic. The bottom line, however, is that the list of ingredients is kind of up in the air to most. And at some point, you've most likely thought to yourself, "What are Shamrock Shakes made of?" If that's the case, stick around, because I snagged the recipe. Shockingly, it's way more simple than you would probably think.

When McDonald's serves you a Shamrock Shake, it actually takes just a few ingredients to create the delicious concoction. Really, the recipe only has three (yes, three!) simple ingredients. According to the McDonald's website, it starts out with a serving of vanilla reduced-fat soft serve ice cream. You know, the same sweet swirl that you order as a cone or mixed up in a delicious McFlurry, because who doesn't love a little soft serve?

Next, the Shamrock Shake experts at Mickey D's combine the ice cream in a blender with some Shamrock Shake syrup. That's what gives it that classic peppermint taste and signature green flavor. Once your shake is all blended together, it's topped off with a hefty serving of whipped light topping. It's literally that easy. So, to recap, all McDonald's uses to get you a festive and delicious Shamrock Shake from the famed fast food joint is vanilla soft serve ice cream, Shamrock Shake syrup, and whipped light topping. With a little luck (and quick McDonald's order) you'll have yourself a homemade Shamrock Shake in absolutely no time.

If you want to find out how to get in on a little bit of that good old-fashioned McDonald's magic, check out where you can buy a Shamrock Shake near you. If you have the McDonald's app, navigate to the "Order" button on the bottom menu bar and enter your city or zip code. Scroll over to "Sweets & Treats" and tap "Shakes." The Shamrock Shake should pop up as an option if your location offers it. Then, if you'd like, you can order it through the app and pick it up in minutes.

Your other option to get a McDonald's Shamrock Shake is to simply check the McDonald's website. Search "Shamrock Shake" and select "Shamrock Shake Finder." From there, you can type in your zip code, and your nearest location should pop up immediately.

If you're a dedicated fan of the classic St. Patrick's Day beverage like I am, you're most likely aware of the fact that the Shamrock Shake isn't sold year-round, but now that you know what's in it, maybe you can even try to make the goodness for yourself at home. The good news for now is that you will be able to purchase Shamrock Shakes at McDonald's through March 24, while supplies lasts. And if you think about it, that's only one short week after St. Patrick's Day, and about a month from now. So, drink up!