Watch Veronica Sing "Jailhouse Rock" To An Imprisoned Archie In A New 'Riverdale' Scene


Between a threatening cult, a murder trial, and a gargoyle demon stalking around town, Riverdale's third season is darker than ever. But the show still has not forgotten to throw in some of its light, campy elements as well. Take the latest sneak preview scene, for example, in which Veronica enlists the rest of the River Vixens to put on a whole song and dance performance for Archie right outside a prison. Watch Veronica sing "Jailhouse Rock" to an imprisoned Archie in one of the most ridiculous but infectious Riverdale performances ever.

Ahead of the second episode of Riverdale Season 3, called "Fortune and Men's Eyes," showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared a musical scene from the new episode. The season premiere ended with Archie being sentenced to two years in a juvenile detention center for a murder he did not commit, and the new episode will be about Archie's introduction to prison life. Although things seem grim, at least he has his ever-supportive girlfriend Veronica finding creative ways to keep their love alive despite the prison bars separating them.

The new musical scene features Veronica, Josie, Cheryl, and the rest of the River Vixens in their cheerleading outfits performing a poppy version of "Jailhouse Rock" for Archie outside the gates of the prison yard. Is it at all realistic or necessary? Probably not. But hey — it sure is fun. Check out the new Riverdale scene below:

The new music video also underlines the fact that Veronica is going to go all out to protect her relationship with Archie. The promo trailer for the new episode also showed that Veronica will disguise herself in a blonde wig to pay her boyfriend a visit in prison. But despite all of this effort, many Riverdale fans sadly think that the new season will lead to Archie and Veronica breaking up. Both actors have teased that Season 3 is a particularly rough one for the couple, and Archie being sent off to jail made fans even more worried about a forthcoming breakup.

This "Jailhouse Rock" video also marks the first musical number of Riverdale Season 3. The series has included a bunch of performances in the past, including a full musical episode based on Carrie: The Musical in Season 2, and this new season will be no different. New stills from the upcoming third episode tease that Josie and Veronica will both sing at the grand opening of Veronica's speakeasy, and showrunner Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa has also said that this season will have another full musical episode.

The song and dance will definitely be a much-needed reprieve from the much darker and creepier overarching plot of Season 3. The season premiere had fans convinced that Riverdale had taken a turn for the supernatural, as a mysterious occult beast named the Gargoyle King was introduced and a strange cult seemed to give Alice and Polly the power to make Polly's twin babies float over a fire. Hmm, maybe a group of cheerleaders singing Elvis songs outside of a prison isn't the most ridiculous thing happening on this show.

Riverdale airs Wednesday nights on the CW.