Victoria’s Secret's Most Popular Perfumes Will Be Just $25 On Black Friday

NurPhoto/NurPhoto/Getty Images

If you're making a list of all the sales worth hitting come Nov. 29, Victoria’s Secret's 2019 Black Friday sale better be all the way up at the top, especially for fragrance lovers. The store has yet to reveal a full list of holiday deals, but based off the sneak peak they've hinted at for their popular perfumes, you can safely assume the savings will be worth stopping by your local VS. Did I mention they have the cutest holiday gift sets? There's no doubt Victoria's Secrets across the country will be packed with eager Black Friday shoppers, but TBH, it's probably still worth braving the crowds — there's that much you'll want to buy.

I know I'm not the only one who grew up spending my allowance on Victoria's Secret rollerball perfumes and PINK body mists. VS has long been known for their fantastic-smelling, reasonably affordable fragrances, and as part of their Black Friday Sale, they've announced that all 1.7 oz size Eau De Parfums will retail for just $25. These typically go for $58 a bottle, so that's a pretty great deal. Even if you aren't shopping for yourself, you can at least snag a few gifts for your friends while the sale is going on.

When in doubt, a gorgeous perfume bottle makes a great gift, and the Dream Angel Eau De Parfum ($58, Victoria's Secret) has pretty new prismatic packaging:

Tend to prefer the classics? The ever-popular Tease Eau De Parfum ($58, Victoria's Secret) might be more your speed:

For holiday 2019, there's even a Limited Edition Bombshell Holiday Eau De Parfum ($58, Victoria's Secret), done up in sparkly silver packaging:

If you're hoping for something a little more sensual, though, the Very Sexy Eau De Parfum ($58, Victoria's Secret) should do the trick:

I'm loving all these beautiful bottles, and the scents inside are just as great. In addition to the $25 perfume deal, VS will have a ton of other Black Friday savings to make the most of, so be sure to hit up your local store or shop online come Nov. 29.