Venus Is In Scorpio, So Strap In Because Love Is Coming Fast

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy/ Daxio Productions

Oh my god, you guys. I've taken a week off of work, and I have a lot to tell you about what's in the stars right now. First of all, let's take a moment to acknowledge that Venus, the planet that rules love, money, and artistic/romantic expression has moved into Scorpio, the sign of deep, powerful inward and outward transformation. Venus in Scorpio 2017 is in the process of completely changing your love life and our collective consciousness. Venus in Scorpio makes this a time when our passions feel very all-or-nothing, when what moves us deep down seems to drive our actions. This is a time when we don't (or won't) hold back from taking the necessary steps to change our lives.

Look at what happened Tuesday night, for instance, when Danica Roem, the first trans woman elected to the serve in the state legislature, defeated Republican candidate Bob Marshall. What moves us, deep down, will inspire us to take action; and those actions will change the course of our history on both an individual and collective level. That's what Venus in Scorpio is all about, baby! But here's how this transit might affect you on a personal level, since I know you're here for it.

Emotions Run High

When Venus is in scorpio, it's a deeply emotional time for everyone. Someone could say or do something that moves you to tears and you won't even know why. On one level, it's like the whole world is suffering through some seriously terrible PMS, but that's only if you're feeling sad.

Venus in Scorpio amplifies all our emotions, both the "good" and "bad," although I don't think classifying any emotion as bad is very healthy. The important thing to remember during this time is that even if your feelings are challenging, they are valid.

Craving Intensity

Even flirtatious interactions take on a deeply passionate tone during this time. If you happen to be on a date with someone you've just met (assuming you get along) the chemistry will be palpable. The feelings you'll have for one another will immediately run deeper than you expect them to, and the intimacy that usually grows over a long period of time will seem to be there already.

The important thing, with Venus in Scorpio, is to not back away out of fear of these feelings, but to strap in and enjoy the ride.

Power Struggles

As I mentioned before, the risk of falling so quickly for someone can lead to a lot of fear — fears of giving up your power to someone else. This can lead to game-playing and harboring resentment over any perceived slight. It's important to remember that your power comes from you, that you are the one who has drawn this person into your life, and that if they don't end up being "the one," then whoever is will be even better... because you are the person who is attracting this kind of energy toward you. Everyone and everything happening in your life is a symptom of your own personal transformation, and power is something that is granted. Your power is just that: yours. Yours to keep, and yours to give away. And there is nothing powerless about enjoying the butterflies of new love. In fact, it can be empowering, especially if you've always been afraid of intimacy.

That said, put the psychological games away. You can use this time to truly fall in love, and falling, when you aren't fearful about it, is honestly the most fun. Think about it like a roller coaster: throw your hands in the air and just enjoy the ride.