Your Nov. 2017 Horoscope Is Here To Determine Your Chill Level Just Before The Holidays

by Rosey Baker
YE AUNG THU/AFP/Getty Images

The month of November is upon us, and we have a lot to look forward to folks! The holiday season begins today, which I'm sure will hold a ton of fun surprises. But let's look at what your Nov. 2017 monthly horoscope has in store for us all. This is a general horoscope, so it applies to all zodiac signs as a whole.

These are the major planetary movements that will have the strongest affect on every zodiac sign. To discover exactly how they'll affect you will depend on the house these planets occupy in your chart; the houses in the chart represent the areas of your life that are affected by the energy of these planets. This horoscope gives you a general idea of what these planetary energies are and how they feel, without getting to specific and without getting too specifically predictive about it.

If you like astrology, but you don't let some astrologer run your life like some punk a*s b*tch, this is the horoscope for you. Read this and interpret for yourself exactly what you want to do with these planetary energies. It's your life.

Nov. 2, Saturn Square Chiron

Saturn square Chiron can make us paranoid, worried that we aren't actually skilled or smart enough to carry out the things we're required to do in life. Chiron is known as "the wounded healer" and Saturn is known as the "disciplinarian" planet, and when these two square off, it's like a roller coaster of self-doubt. The good side? This aspect gives us the opportunity to really inspect the areas of life where we feel most vulnerable.

Nov. 4, Full Moon In Taurus

The full moon is a time of endings, a harvesting of the good and bad things in our lives. Often, a full moon can bring an abrupt end to something we never saw coming, and with the energy of Taurus, we might instinctually latch on instead of letting go, especially if we're forced to part with material things. It's important to note that whatever ends at the full moon is ALWAYS for the best, and generally ushers in a change that was beyond what we dreamed for ourselves.

Nov. 5, Mercury Enters Sagittarius

Mercury is the communicator planet, and Sagittarius is a loud, outspoken sign that can at times come off a little dogmatic. When Mercury moves into Sagittarius we might feel free to say whatever we want no matter what the circumstances are, and our words can get us into trouble if we're not sensitive to the feelings of those around us.

The bright side of this transit is everyone will know exactly where you stand on any issue that comes up, just try not to be so sure of yourself that you're being closed-minded.

Nov. 7, Venus Enters Scorpio

Venus, the love planet in the dark energy sign of Scorpio can turn our love lives both passionate and obsessive. You're more likely to feel jealous of your loved one or controlling of them in some way. Beware of a tendency to control others through emotional manipulation and try not to destroy your life by seeking sexual satisfaction over true intimacy.

Nov. 11, Saturn Trine Uranus

This is an aspect where we'll be feeling the need to break free from our usual structure and daily routine, and may actually be able to do so without completely f*cking ourselves up. Saturn, as I mentioned, is all about discipline, stability, and respecting the status quo. Uranus is a planet the dreams about blowing all that up and paving a new way for the revolution.

However, when these two planets are in a trine, it means they're able to work together to combine their energies in a sort of cosmic compromise. If there's an area of your life you've been feeling stuck, this will be the time to make your move. You'll finally have the answer you've been searching for.

Nov. 18, New Moon In Scorpio

The month wraps up with a new moon in Scorpio, which is always a time for putting the goals we set for ourselves into action. When working with the energy of Scorpio, it's best to target your goals to fit the themes of this sign. Think sex, transformation, intimacy, and merging resources with others.

If you have a habit you need to break, you can now begin to dig deep and find awareness about why you engage in it. Scorpio is psychologically adept at discovering the reasons behind their actions in order to change them.

Nov. 21, Sun Enters Sagittarius

Congratulations, you've officially made it out of Scorpio season! No the sun enters Sagittarius, lightening the mood considerably and launching us into the holidays; just remember that Sagittarius, much like the season they represent, are known for overindulging.

Keep in mind the disciplined lessons you learned throughout scorpio season and try to moderate as much as possible. Other than that you can enjoy the fun-loving and curious energy of this sign and the ways it brings people together to learn from one another.