The Full Moon Will Be In Taurus This Week, So Good Luck With Compromising

by Rosey Baker
Michael Heiman/Getty Images News/Getty Images

We've got another full moon coming up kids, and if you keep track of lunation cycles, you know that this one is coming up in the sign of Taurus. What's that mean? Well, in a general way, it means this: the November 2017 full moon is going to bring out the stubborn *sshole in all of us. I mean, not that we'll be deliberate assholes, I just mean that we can be assholes about how stubborn we are. Make sense? Although there's a lot more to the sign of Taurus than just being stubborn... in fact, I wouldn't even call Taurus very stubborn so much as they are set in their ways. This can clash with the energy of a full moon, which almost always brings an end to the status quo.

Since Taurus clings to stability and structure (change can literally f*ck with their basic sense of safety), the full moon and the endings it brings about can really kill their vibe. But since Taurus is a very spiritual sign — even if they aren't overtly spiritual, they're very connected to nature, and connect with a higher wisdom through the great outdoors — they're open to trusting in the process.

Here's a few spiritual principles to remember for a Taurus full moon ritual on November 4, so you keep from going insane with over-controlling impulses.

Sage, Sage, Sage

If sage-ing your apartment (supposedly clearing it of negative energy) smells like an old man's ass to you, you could get some eucalyptus oil and burn that in an incense bowl.

The point is, if you fill your house with good smelling stuff you won't be as focused on how you just lost your job or relationship or whatever event the full moon triggers in you.

Restraint Of Pen And Tongue

Whatever events happen at the full moon, emotions can run high, and even the smallest things can really set us off. It's important to try and remember there's nothing you have to say right away when you're still angry.

If someone says or does something to upset you, ask yourself if you have to say something right that minute. If it can wait until you've calmed down, then you can bring it up later.

Beware Of Overindulging

Obviously, alcohol and the full moon are both perfect partners and the worst of enemies. They seem like they'd go well together, but in fact when people are at their peak full moon sensitivity and they add alcohol, they become the actual Shadow Monster from "Stranger Things," spreading negativity through the streets like a virus.

On top of that, the full moon in Taurus makes us susceptible to overeating, overdrinking, overspending. Taurus awakens our love of the sensual things in life. On the full moon, try to keep your impulses in check by keeping your alcohol intake moderate.

Acceptance Is Key

Taurus is not a fan of sh*t hitting the fan, but that's exactly what happens on a full moon. The key to dealing with whatever comes up is to do your best to accept the situation as is. This works with the practical earth sign energy of Taurus without ignoring the emotional full moon energy that comes up at this time.

Don't forget to indulge in all the good sides of this Taurus energy, too! Lean into a creative project you've been working on, meditate in the outdoors, beautify your living space, or splurge on that gorgeous, soft winter coat you've been holding out for! There's a silver lining to every cloud, remember?