Here's Why It’s Particularly Brutal To Break Up With Someone On Valentine’s Day

by Sydnee Lyons

When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of the usual — roses, chocolates, and mediocre, obligatory (but consensual!), post-date sex. What rarely crosses my mind? Valentine's Day breakups. Do these even exist? Unfortunately, they do.

On the list of worst holidays in the history of ever to dump someone on, Valentine's Day is pretty high up there. Think about it. Valentine's Day is just that — one day, a mere 24 hours. All the way up until 12 a.m. on Feb. 14 and again after 11:59 p.m., you're free to send as many breakup texts as you like, but those 24 hours are sacred. Use them to send your partner cheap flowers, handmade cards, convenience-store chocolates, and nothing else. No bad vibes.

Don't try to convince me that the relationship has run its course and the breakup was inevitable, either. If that were really the case, you could have easily ended things before Valentine's Day rolled around. You have no one but yourself to blame for this unfortunate situation and now, you'll just have to pay the price of sticking it out for one. more. day.

I'm not alone on this. Other people agree that it is absolutely not OK to end things with someone on Valentine's Day and they have good reason, too. Here's what six Redditors had to say about why Valentine's Day breakups are particularly cruel.

Because It's A Day About Love, Duh

Because it's a day meant for love and being together? Why would someone be that cruel? Can you not breakup with them the day before valentines or if you knew you wanted to break up with them, then you could always do it way before. Unless you caught them cheating or something the day before Valentine's Day or something.

- ImKatz

Because You Can Literally Break Up With Them On any Other Day (I Told You)

You have 364 other days, though Id probably eliminate all major holidays and birthdays as well... so call it 350 other days that you could break up with a person. Cant see any reason you'd do it on or extremely close to a holiday...

- constantino1

Because It's Insulting That You Waited Until Exactly Feb. 14 (Like, Why?)

Do it before. Get it over and done with.

- pandatweet

But It's Even Worse When You Forget That It's Valentine's Day

Oh man I totally broke a young lady's heart once because I forgot what day it was. I still feel bad more than 10 years later. What should've been a friendly breakup became a sobfest because I wasn't considerate. Don't be like me.

- VermillionSoul

Because It's Never A Good Idea To Break Up On A Holiday

I don't think people should ever break up on a holiday. You have so many others opportunities to break up so why choose a holiday? Especially a holiday that celebrates love between a couple?

- BriBriKinz

Because It Wouldn't Kill You To Put It Off For A Few More Days

You should wait St. Patrick's Day.

- CrisM1

As expected, there are those people who say it's better to end a relationship sooner rather than later if your heart just isn't it — even it is Valentine's Day. I don't necessarily agree with those people but here they are.

Because Some People Really Are Heartless

Give her some mourning chocolate and break up now.

- gamerladyM

Because It's Wrong To Spend Valentine's Day With Someone You Don't Care About

I say just do it now. Honestly, I think it would hurt her more to spend Valentine’s Day with you and then get dumped a week or a few days later than to be dumped a few days before Valentine’s Day. Also, I think the whole “finding the right time” to break up with someone is garbage. If you know it isn’t working out and you’ve decided you need to break up, the time to break up is today. OK, some exceptions might be like if they just had a death in the family that day, but again—dragging this out is only going to make it worse.

- cockdragon

Because No One Wants To Fake It, Especially On Valentine's Day

It hurts either way, but playing relationship on Valentines day if breaking up is inevitable doesn't feel right. Better do it now.

- nosleepatall

Because If They Find Out You Were Planning To Dump Them All Along, It Will Hurt Even More

As a woman, I'd rather have someone break up with me and spend valentines day alone then find out later that I spent it with a guy who was just thinking about breaking up with me the whole time and didn't do so out of pity? lame.

- rageagainsthevagene

Because It's Not That Uncommon To Break Up On Valentine's Day

Go ahead and do it now. Valentines day is often a time of year when people break up. They are pressured by society to be romantic with people they aren't really feeling it with anymore. Not abnormal.

- growflet

Am I wrong for wanting to believe in love and the day set aside to celebrate it? Maybe but before you break up with me on Valentine's Day, know that I am an excellent gift-giver and you're only hurting yourself.

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