Guys Admit Why They Plan On Dumping Their Girlfriends Before Valentine's Day

Kayla Snell

For a lot of guys, planning the perfect Valentine's Day can be equal parts a headache and equal parts exciting.

They are eager to impress the person they're dating and make them feel super special on a semi-fake holiday that everyone seems to love to hate.

But for some guys in relationships, instead of buying the most plump teddy bear or pre-ordering one dozen roses, they are looking for ways to kick their significant other to the curb.

Here are six guys who admit why they plan on ditching their girlfriends before Valentine's Day:

It's too expensive and not worth it.

I've just been thinking about how much Valentine's Day is going to cost, between the fancy dinner and the gifts, and I'm like, no way is it worth it to spend that on this girl I've been seeing for a few months and am not totally into.

— Greg S., 23

Her immaturity makes him want to start fresh.

We've been dating for about a year and a half, and it's been dramatic. She's a few years younger, and it seems like everything is always a fight or drama with her. Like when she's mad at me, she posts it on Twitter. I'm ready to start over, and February is the month to do that.

— Tom V., 22

When she's mad at me, she posts it on Twitter. I'm ready to start over.

There's an awesome single's party.

All of my friends from college are coming to town on Valentine's Day to go to this sick single's party, and I really want to go. I've been dating someone for, like, a month, and I'm not super into her anymore, so I think I'll end [it] by January 31 so that I can head to the party with my friends.

— Joe B., 24

He's not excited about the relationship anymore.

I've never spent Valentine's Day with anyone because I use that holiday as a way of evaluating my relationship, and if it's nothing serious or something that I'm excited about, I call it off. I'm about to call it off on a two-month relationship.

— Roy F., 24

I've never spent Valentine's Day with anyone — I use that holiday as a way of evaluating my relationship.

She asked him to propose, and he's like... nah.

My girlfriend gave me the ultimatum that if I didn't propose this Valentine's Day, she'd break up with me. I'm not ready for marriage, and I don't want to propose. So I plan to break up with her before she pulls the plug on me.

— Justin P., 27

He's excited and ready to be single.

Valentine's Day should be a romantic holiday, but I'm over romance and over my relationship. I've been with the same girl for five months, and I'm ready for a change. I am actually excited to break up with her and be single. I can't wait to meet someone new and/or just date around.

— Kyle Z., 20

Well... there you have it. Ladies, gird your loins.